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Singles’ Day: Who is the iPhone 8 worth for 279 euros at Aldi?

Singles’ Day is becoming a shopping event for more and more German retailers online and offline. The sales battle, which originally comes from China and creates a lot more turbulence there than Black Friday and the associated days in Europe, is of course not only aimed at singles who can indulge themselves (without having to look after a family).

Aldi has a special offer this year. The discounter is selling from Thursday, November 11th, in cooperation with the refurbished supplier Renewd the refurbished iPhone 8 for just 279 euros. Is this a real bargain or a sham that you should keep your hands off of?

First of all, the iPhone 8 was presented in 2017 – so it is a lot of old hardware. Remarkably, this doesn’t have to be harmful, because the current iOS 15 is still running on the device. It is also to be expected within the framework of the approximately five years of operating system updates that the major iOS update will still be able to run on it in the coming year. The 2023 update may also be available, but that’s not for sure.

Technology from 2017 – doesn’t have to be bad

For the price mentioned, the device comes in the 64 gigabyte version with a 4.7-inch Retina HD display (11.94 centimeters screen diagonal), but only has a resolution of 1,334 by 750 pixels, but at least a typical maximum Brightness of 625 nits. The A11-Bionic-Chip is getting on in years, but it does a good job considering the price.

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Of course, you also have to cut back on the camera: Twelve megapixels with a wide-angle lens and an f / 1.8 aperture promise significantly more than other mid-range devices in view of the good software tuning of the camera, which is typical for Apple. After all, the iPhone 8 has optical image stabilization, a series mode and auto HDR. 4K videos at 30 or 60 fps are also provided as well as cinematic video stabilization, which is only available in 1080p and 720p mode.

What advantage does the iPhone 8 offer over new devices?

The iPhone 8 supports Apple Pay and comes with a fingerprint sensor integrated into the home button, so that Touch ID is supported. Face ID, on the other hand, like 5G, is expected to be in vain. Those who can do without it are well served with the device, which supports fast charging with up to 18 watts and is supposed to provide up to twelve hours of internet use and 14 hours of continuous phone calls. From today’s perspective, of course, it is an entry-level device and an offer from the refurbished corner, but it is definitely a smartphone that will still be justified in 2021.

Especially users: those inside who value a smartphone with compact dimensions and a comparatively small display might like the iPhone 8. At 138 by 67 by 7 millimeters, the device is significantly smaller (and at 148 grams also a lot lighter) than many current devices. Aldi also includes an Aldi Talk starter set worth ten euros, so that you come to 289 euros.

What can you expect from Refurbished – and what not?

A few words about the refurbished question: Renewd states that the device has undergone a detailed technical check, during which parts were replaced if necessary and it was ensured that only original parts were used. The company gives a two-year guarantee on the devices, which applies to the device and accessories as well as the battery. Because experience has shown that this is the most heavily used wear part and, after possibly three to four years of intensive use, the Achilles’ heel of every mobile device.

Such a device can of course have minor signs of use – and, for example, around the charging connection, you can usually tell the age of a smartphone, even if it has otherwise been carefully placed in the case and with a screen protector. Renewd is a Dutch refurbished provider and works in Germany with, among others, Aldi, Conrad, Cyberport and Coolblue, so it is at least not a very small provider.

iPhone 8: Here you can get it much cheaper than at Aldi

But here comes a big but – and one reason why you shouldn’t opt ​​for the iPhone 8 from Aldi after all: Swappie offers the same model also with 64 gigabytes of memory in the status description “like new” for 229 euros – and you can also get the 256 gigabyte version for 299 euros, just a little more than the Aldi offer. With a 36-month guarantee – and Swappie also advertises with 52 neuralgic points that are checked when the smartphones are resold. With the battery, the provider guarantees that it still has 80 percent of the original capacity.

The offer from Refurbed, a large Austrian provider that also offers a 24-month guarantee, is similar iPhone 8 for Singles’ Day in space gray with 64 gigabytes even for 199.99 euros (condition “like new”, other colors a little more expensive, more memory significantly more expensive).

Basically nothing speaks against buying a device in a refurbished condition, especially if you have a reasonably long-term guarantee promise, which Apple is known to pay extra for. You have to decide for yourself whether the iPhone 8 mentioned is sufficient and you want to live with the limitations – top technology from 2017, which today is at best mediocre and only has one or two update cycles. It is clear, however, that the more contemporary iPhone SE (2020) is available from around 400 euros street price.

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