The Egyptian army announces the amendment of an agreement with Israel to strengthen the border guards in Rafah

The Egyptian and Israeli armies announced – in two separate statements – the amendment of the security agreement concluded between the two sides in order to strengthen the Egyptian border guards and their capabilities in the border area in Rafah.

“The joint military committee, based on the coordination meeting with the Israeli side, succeeded in amending the security agreement by increasing the number of border guards and their capabilities in the border area in Rafah,” Egyptian Armed Forces spokesman Colonel Gharib Abdel Hafez said in a statement today, Monday, without giving details.

The statement added that this step comes in light of efforts “to preserve Egyptian national security, and the continuation of the armed forces’ efforts to control and secure the borders on the northeastern strategic direction.”

And earlier today, Monday, the Israeli army said – in a statement – that “a meeting of the joint military committee of the Israeli and Egyptian armies was held on Sunday, during which bilateral issues were addressed.”

The statement added that during the meeting, an amendment to the agreement regulating the presence of border guards in the Rafah area was signed in the interest of strengthening the security presence of the Egyptian army in this area.

The Israeli army indicated that the political level in Israel approved this amendment, without other details.

The peace treaty signed between the two sides on March 26, 1979 imposed strict restrictions on the number of forces that can be deployed on both sides of the Sinai border, but it allows for an increase in the number of forces by agreement between the two sides.

The treaty says in its main text, “Agreed security arrangements will be established, including limited armaments areas in Egyptian or Israeli territory, United Nations forces and United Nations observers.”

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