The third in a month… the occupation conducts military maneuvers in the occupied West Bank

Today, Monday, the Israeli army will begin large-scale military exercises in the occupied West Bank, the third of its kind in one month, and it will last for two days.

The spokesman for the Israeli occupation army announced that the goal of the maneuvers is to improve the readiness of the forces in the West Bank region, and to train them to deal with a variety of scenarios.

He also confirmed that it is part of this year’s training program and is not linked to any political events.

For its part, Israeli military sources confirmed that the exercise will focus on testing the readiness of the reserve forces to integrate into units operating very quickly.

She added that the exercises will include active movement of security forces and vehicles, and additional checkpoints will be deployed on several road axes.

The Israeli sources stated that the maneuvers in the West Bank coincide with other maneuvers conducted by the Northern Brigade Command in the Israeli army to examine the reserve recruitment system, which is expected to end on Monday evening.

It was remarkable that the Israeli army intensified its maneuvers, including a week-long maneuvers on the home front, as well as participating in air maneuvers with 7 foreign countries, including the United States.

It is noteworthy that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in previous statements that Israel is engaged in a cold war with Iran, and will do everything in its power to neutralize what he described as the Iranian threat.

Source : The island + Selections from Al Jazeera Documentary website

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