Watch.. An Iraqi soldier demonstrated his armored skills on a Baghdad street, and his military leadership punished him

The circulating video of the driver of the military armored vehicle sparked wide reactions on the communication platforms in Iraq

Activists on social media circulated a video clip showing an Iraqi soldier demonstrating his skills in an army armored vehicle in Al-Nusour Square in Al-Mansour district in central Baghdad, which prompted his military command to hold him accountable.

The Baghdad Operations Command said, in a statement posted on its Facebook page, that the Operations Commander directed “the formation of an investigative council against the armored vehicle driver who violated the directives and military control during the duty of security deployment in the streets and intersections of the capital, Baghdad, which was circulated on social media pages and sites.”

The statement added that “members of the Iraqi army possess the highest levels of military discipline and are fully committed to good looks and decency during their implementation of duties, which indicates the long-standing of this army.”

He pointed out that “the presence of a violating affiliate does not represent the rest of the committed military personnel, and according to the contexts, the violator exposes himself to the Military Penal Code.”


The circulating video of the driver of the military armored vehicle provoked wide reactions on social media platforms in Iraq, and the sarcastic comments did not leave those responses.

A member of the Sadrist movement, Issam Hussein, said through his Twitter account: “It is sweet to drift and it is sweeter for the Iraqi soldier to have this confidence in the streets of Baghdad.”

The journalist Sabah Al-Jaf wrote, on his Twitter account, “A special video of an armored fighting vehicle in the middle of the street after the deployment of Iraqi army units in Baghdad… the Ninth Armored Division.” Blogger Sami Diab Al-Jubouri tweeted that he would submit a tender for the reconstruction of the street after this review.

The blogger, Hassan Al Thani, wrote on his Twitter account, that this military parade is useless, because the citizen demands actions that are in his interest and meet his needs.

The journalist Ahmed Ali Al-Hadithi commented, through his Twitter account, sarcastically, “You played a sin against him (you wronged this poor man) by publishing.. Here is a succession (and thus he was punished)”, noting that the circulation of the “drifting” video caused the soldier to be held accountable.

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