Chip crisis: BMW delivers new cars without a touchscreen

Future BMW owners will no longer receive this gimmick. You have to resort to more rudimentary options. Source:

Classic input using iDrive input device instead of intuitive Touchscreen. This step backwards will become a reality for future BMW drivers. There is hardly any compensation.

Large variety of models affected by downgrade

The worldwide Chipmangel does not stop at BMW either. The German car giant now reacts and relies on screens without Touchmodul. This allows the Production chain are maintained and customers receive their vehicles on time. Since week 43, all new cars with the code “6UY” are without a capacitive screen fitted. This affects almost the entire BMW model range. Among other things, the new one Luxury SUV BMW X7. The vehicles manufactured in the USA and Europe are affected Model series:

  • 3er (G20)
  • 4th Coupe (G22)
  • 4er Cabriolet (G23)
  • 4th Gran Coupe (G26)
  • Z4 (G29)
  • X5 G05)
  • X6 (G06)
  • X7 (G07)
BMW Z4 (a sporty convertible) on a winding road in front of a mountain backdrop.
Crucible robbers like the Z4 sports convertible are also delivered without a touch element. Source:

What was iDrive again?

As an alternative, the affected vehicles are equipped with the BMW input system “iDrive” fitted. This is an analog one Input device, which is basically a Computer mouse resembles. The existing voice input is also retained in the models without a touchscreen. Still they go limitations deeper into the system. the optional extras “Parking Assistant Package” and “Backup Assistant” are also due to the Semiconductor shortage unavailable.

$ 500 compensation and software update

For this inconvenience, US customers receive $ 500 off on their new runabout. In addition, you will be informed in advance of the reduced equipment and must give you Consent in writing hand in before purchase. Before the New car are handed over to the future owners, they still receive one Software update. This should ensure smooth operation, even without a touchscreen.



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