Corona .. France advises to avoid Moderna for those under 30 and the Russians are returning to their jobs


French health authorities advised against giving Moderna’s anti-Coronavirus vaccine to those under 30, while most Russians returned to work on Monday after a week-long compulsory leave approved by the authorities to confront a record epidemic wave of the disease.

The announcement by the French health authorities yesterday came after a French study conducted by the Medicines Agency and the National Health Insurance Fund showed that vaccines working with “messenger RNA” technology – such as “Moderna” and “Pfizer” vaccines, slightly increase the risk of developing myocarditis. and the cover of the heart in young people.

The results of the French study say that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines increase the risk of these two diseases within 7 days after receiving the vaccine, but the study said that this infection is rare, and does not call into question the usefulness of vaccines.

The results of the study followed the follow-up of cases of people between the ages of 12 and 50 who were admitted to hospitals in France due to inflammation of the heart muscle and the envelope of the heart between May 15 and August 31 last.

“When we balance the effectiveness of vaccines against severe forms of Covid-19 (estimated at about 90%), these rare existing risks (myocarditis), Mahmoud Zureik, director of “Epi-Phare” for studies and research in France, told AFP. and its cover), we do not question the usefulness of vaccines.

On October 15, the High Authority of Health in France advised the use of the Pfizer vaccine exclusively in booster doses.

back to work

In Russia, most citizens returned to work on Monday after a week-long compulsory holiday, after the authorities ended orders to close workplaces throughout the country, in an attempt to tackle a record epidemic wave.

However, the Russian health authorities recorded yesterday 1,190 deaths from infection with the Corona virus, which is a higher number than in the days leading up to the weekend, and the number of confirmed infections reached 39,400.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it was too early to judge the impact of the lockdown so far, but cited Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin – a close ally of Putin – that the epidemic situation is stable in the capital. Peskov added that the impact of the country’s closure in the past days will not appear before a week.

After a strict closure in the spring of 2020, the Russian authorities refused to adopt it again, despite the epidemic waves, with the aim of reducing economic losses.

What also contributed to the rapid spread of the Corona virus is the poor vaccination rates for Russians due to the percentage of skeptics about the effectiveness of locally manufactured vaccines, as the proportion of fully vaccinated in the country does not exceed only 34% of the population of 144 million.

US border

In the United States, the authorities reopened their borders to travelers from around the world after a 19-month closure due to the Corona pandemic, but the lifting of travel restrictions for non-US citizens is conditional on their obtaining a full vaccination against the virus.

And the exceptional restrictions imposed by the United States on travel for the first time in early 2020 to combat the spread of “Covid-19” had prevented the arrival of non-Americans who had been during the previous 14 days in Britain and the countries of the Schengen area (26 countries), as well as Ireland, China, India, South Africa and Iran and Brazil.

US Travel said the mentioned countries represented 53% of all international visitors to the United States in 2019.

At the global level, a statistic told Agence France-Presse based on official sources that the number of people infected with the virus yesterday reached the threshold of 250 million infections since the start of the pandemic at the end of 2019, and Europe remains the region most affected by the pandemic in terms of the number of infections, with more than 76 million infections.

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