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From a personal advisor to the Tunisian president to a political opponent.. the doctor reveals to Al Jazeera Net the motives and goals of the democracy initiative against the “coup”

Tunisia- The “Citizens Against the Coup” campaign turned from a protest movement against the measures approved by President Kais Saied last July 25, into a political initiative that carries a road map to get out of the crisis in the country, which raised questions about its chances of success.

This initiative, which was founded and led by Abdel Raouf Baladib, a friend of Qais Saeed and one of his most prominent former advisors in the palace, as well as political and human rights figures, includes a road map “aims to abolish the state of exception and impose a return to the constitutional path through premature presidential and legislative elections.

It contains a vision for the return to the work of the frozen Parliament, within the framework of a specific task related to completing the election of members of the Constitutional Court, and establishing the rest of the constitutional bodies.

The initiative called for the formation of a national salvation government with legitimacy that enables it to build confidence with all economic actors nationally and internationally, according to an economic program that stops the bleeding of public finances and spares the country the risks of collapse and social explosion.

The owners stressed their commitment to consulting and working in a joint framework with all national forces, particularly the Tunisian Labor Union, in order to launch a national and comprehensive dialogue on major issues.

In a special statement to Al-Jazeera Net, the former advisor to President Qais Saeed and his companion Abdel Raouf with the doctor confirmed that since he submitted his resignation from the Carthage Palace, he decided to take a distance from what is happening in the country, but decided to return out of the duty and responsibility entrusted to him.

He continued, “I am talking to you now as a citizen and as a former ambassador, and I have noticed that the situation that Tunisia has reached since Said took power no longer allows silence, and I stress here that the matter is not related to the logic of friendship or enmity with the president.”

Bel-Tabib emphasized that he contributed greatly to transforming the “Citizens Against the Coup” campaign from a spontaneous citizenship initiative to a more mature “democratic initiative” that has orientations and a road map, and carries with it outcomes for the country’s predicament.

He expressed his regret over the performance shown by President Kais Saied since he took office, adding, “After about a year and a half of Said’s rule, we have not seen any significant achievement in the framework of the role assigned to him. On the contrary, he contributed, through his convulsive speeches, to the division of Tunisians and pitting them against each other.”

The “Citizens Against the Coup” initiative called for a protest sit-in in front of Parliament (Al-Jazeera)

treachery and demonization

The doctor stressed that his appearance in public and his participation in the initiative that rejects the coup against constitutional legitimacy cost him a heavy price, after he was subjected to a campaign of deception, demonization, distortion and treason by those affiliated with the president, stressing in return that this will only increase his faith in what he seeks to achieve with the believers in the values ​​of democracy.

He pointed out that the roadmap calling for the return of Parliament comes within the framework of a specific task related to preparing for premature presidential and legislative elections, stressing that the statement of the democratic initiative will be followed by other steps, perhaps the closest is calling for a demonstration against the coup next Sunday in front of Parliament.

At the conclusion of his speech, the doctor denounced the security ban for them from holding their press conference in one of the halls to reveal the democratic initiative of “citizens against the coup,” stressing that it is a setback for the right to freedom of expression in the country that the president had previously pledged not to touch.

The president comments

President Kais Saied was quick to comment on the new “democratic initiative” that brings together his former friends and opponents, noting during a cabinet council that he had not given orders to prevent its meeting, and that he was keen to preserve the freedoms and the right to demonstrate contained in Chapters One and Two of the Constitution.

The president accused the initiative’s owners of hypocrisy, noting that some of them were supportive of his actions on July 25, but he changed his position after he realized that he “has no place in the government,” as he put it.

The Tunisian president underestimated the importance of this initiative and its owners, considering that it has no weight in society to prevent its convening.

It is noteworthy that the political arena has been witnessing for weeks a movement of national parties and organizations with the aim of pushing for a way out of the state of obstruction in the country, asking the president to set a time limit to end the exceptional measures and to sit at the dialogue table with civil and political forces.

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