Iraq – “Lord, harmful and beneficial”… The attempt to assassinate Al-Kazemi increases his chances for a second term

Observers and specialists in Iraqi affairs described the failed assassination attempt on Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi as “harmful and beneficial,” noting that the attack that targeted his house the day before yesterday, Sunday, increased his chances for a second term.

“Everyone condemns the attempt to assassinate Al-Kazemi, so who is responsible?” Arafat Karam, a former deputy and leader in the Kurdistan Democratic Party, said on his Twitter account.

Karam added, “The party that targeted him with this cowardly act does not realize that Al-Kazemi came out victorious, because the Iraqi people have become sympathetic to him, as well as the international community tomorrow supporting him, and this will increase his chances for a second term.”

Blogger Alaa Al-Abadi commented – via his Twitter account – saying, “They wanted to exclude him from the second term. They increased his fortunes with their foolish actions.”

Journalist Ali Al-Makdam said, “Al-Kazemi is the Iraqi prime minister for the next four years, and as it is said, Al-Shater’s mistake is a thousand.”

Al-Makdam added, “An unknown analysis, today’s move that targeted Al-Kazemi, presented the second term on a platter of gold for him.”

The blogger Ali Mared Al-Asadi wrote on his Twitter account, “What is the significance of deploying some military tanks and armored vehicles in the streets of Baghdad, is it to intimidate and harass citizens in the dilapidated streets, or to frighten the demonstrators against fraud? Or is it an empty show of force in the hope of kidnapping a second term?” “Whoever dreams of a coup against democracy must first dissolve the popular crowd,” he says.

Activist Alan Bakri commented on his Twitter account, saying, “If the president personally and personally came out and admitted that it was a plan to weaken the impoverished and win a second term, as some claim, I remain insistent on accusing the forces of darkness, non-state and unruly.”

Bakri added, “We have no choice but the state, regardless of the failures, and we do not leave this event without investing it in order to mobilize the concept of the state and the law.”

Politician Fahran Hawass Al-Sadid said – via his Twitter account – that Al-Kazemi’s greed for a second term will force him to abdicate and bypass those who target the prestige of the state, adding that the Prime Minister’s announcement of his knowledge of the parties behind his failed assassination obliges him to arrest them and bring them to justice, thus preserving the state’s prestige.

And on Sunday, Baghdad announced that Al-Kazemi had survived a failed assassination attempt, through an attack with 3 drones rigged with explosives, two of which were shot down, while the third fell in his residence in the capital, Baghdad, and this led to the injury of a number of his guards.

The Iraqi National Security Ministerial Council considered the attempt to assassinate Al-Kazemi a “dangerous targeting of the Iraqi state”, and pledged to pursue the parties involved in it, and this was followed by an intense security deployment in the vicinity of the Green Zone, amid widespread local and international condemnations of the assassination attempt.

Al-Kazemi said – after the emergency cabinet – that he knows very well who was behind the assassination attempt, vowing to reveal those involved.

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