It came close to the Zulfiqar maneuvers.. Iran announces its interception of American marches over the Sea of ​​Oman

The Iranian army said that it had spotted US drones approaching the area of ​​the “Zulfiqar 1400” military maneuvers that it is conducting in the Sea of ​​Oman, and added that it had warned them.

The Iranian news agency “IRNA” quoted the media headquarters of the Iranian army’s maneuvers as saying that the air defense forces detected and intercepted two American drones, MQ-9 and RQ-4, which approached the area. The maneuvers conducted by the army between the Strait of Hormuz and the northern Indian Ocean.

The agency said that the two planes changed their course and moved away from the Iranian border after Iranian defenses fired warning shots.

In turn, Iranian television said that the incident took place during the “Zulfiqar 1400” maneuvers off the coast of Sistan and Baluchestan province, in the southeast of the country.

According to Iranian television, the two American marches came to the region with the aim of collecting information about the Zulfiqar maneuvers, which are organized annually.

Over the course of 3 days, the Iranian army conducted comprehensive military exercises called “Zulfiqar 1400” in the Strait of Hormuz and the Sea of ​​Oman all the way to the Indian Ocean, which is Iran’s third maneuvers within a month.

On Monday, the Iranian army launched – on the second day of the maneuvers – cruise missiles “Qadir”, “Qadir” and “Nasr”, and torpedoes from the “Tariq” and “Ghadir” submarines at floating and underwater targets.

Military leaders say that the goal is to enhance the combat capabilities of the Iranian forces, and to confront any threat.

The maneuvers come at a time when Iran and the group of signatories to the nuclear deal agreed to resume negotiations on November 29.

Iran insists that the success of these negotiations is the lifting of all US sanctions, and guarantees that they will not be imposed again.

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