Women prefer men with a beard

Dennis L.

As Australian researchers recently found out in a study, the growth of a man’s beard appears to have an impact on whether women can imagine a long-term relationship with a man. Female subjects rated men with a beard as being significantly more attractive and mature than men without a beard.

Queensland (Australia). Several factors play a role when choosing a partner. In addition to the sympathy and character of the counterpart, this naturally also includes the external decision-making. These and many other factors influence whether we are attracted to someone or not. How we ultimately evaluate a person is usually decided by our subconscious.

To this end, the Australian University of Queensland conducted an interesting study. She wanted to know what influence a man’s beard has on women and what characteristics they attribute to these men, although they do not know them at all.

How do men with a beard and men without a beard appear to women?

For the special study, a total of 8,520 women were exposed to computer-generated images of men. One and the same man was depicted either clean-shaven, with light or stronger stubble or with a full beard. The study participants were then asked to rate the men shown subjectively according to their attractiveness. In addition, the test subjects were asked to pick out the men who they consider to be particularly capable of relationships.

Even the scientists were surprised by the clarity of the results: According to them, men with a beard were not rated as significantly more attractive than (the same) men without a beard, they were also classified as more capable of relationships – especially with regard to stable long-term relationships.

Men with light stubble were preferred by women for short periods of dating. “The preferences for light to thick stubble were higher when men were asked for short-term relationships,” the scientists write in their study concluding.

A full beard represents spiritual maturity and social dominance

The authors of the current beard study explain the results by the fact that most women see social benefits in a full beard. For example, full facial hair signals a certain degree of mental maturity and social dominance.

In addition, the scientists were able to prove that a balanced ratio of masculine and feminine facial features is perceived as particularly attractive by women. In relation to the beard, this means that those men who have a very masculine jaw area, for example, can give them a softer characteristic with a beard, which in turn is perceived by many women as more beautiful.

Many men want a fuller beard

Independently of the Australian study, other researchers have looked at which beards are currently very popular among men. Here, too, the well-groomed full beard scores points, followed by the classic three-day beard. However, the investigation revealed another, rather unknown problem: According to it, many men struggle against the loss of their facial hair. This is due to some form of hair loss.

Affected men cannot grow an even beard because they always have gaps in the beard growth or light spots in the beard. In this case, modern medicine can help men quickly and those affected can remove the bald spots from one Have the beard transplant refilled.

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