A protest march in Jordan against price hikes and the defense law

Hundreds of Jordanians participated today, Friday, in a protest march in the capital, Amman; Rejecting the rise in commodity and fuel prices, and the continuation of the defense law that was approved at the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

The demonstrators attacked the government’s approach and economic policies, and demanded the release of opposition detainees.

The march started in front of the Al-Husseini Mosque (central Amman) after performing Friday prayers towards Al-Nakhil Square (about a kilometer away from the mosque), amid a heavy security presence, according to what the Anatolia correspondent reported.

The event was organized at the invitation of the Islamic Action Parties, the Future, Partnership and Salvation, and a Stronger Jordan, in addition to popular forces called the Unified Movement and the Popular Movement for Change.

On the sidelines of the event, Salem Al-Falahat, Deputy Secretary of the Partnership and Rescue Party, told Anatolia that the Jordanian people are sending national messages one after the other, and their voice has not been heard at all. Rather, martial laws and others have circumvented the will of the citizens.

Jordanians are demanding that the defense law be suspended, more than a year and a half after its activation by royal decree. To counter the outbreak of the Corona pandemic; This is due to what they see as the arbitrary use of power for him, while the Jordanian government has not commented on this until now.

Article 124 of the Jordanian Constitution stipulates that if something happens that calls for defending the homeland in the event of an emergency, a law is issued in the name of the Defense Law, which is an emergency law that gives broad, unrestricted and unwritten powers to the Prime Minister.

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