Besides your main job.. 12 more ways to earn money

There are endless ways to make money outside of a traditional job, some of them are very profitable and some are less so, but every extra penny you earn and save brings you closer to financial freedom.

At the beginning a report On this issue with Millennialmoney, writer Grant Sabatier says that the Internet has provided us with more ways to make money than we had in the past, and it seems that a new app or website is created almost every day with the sole purpose of helping us make or Save more money in creative ways.

Besides, the writer says, the old ways are still around, too, so there’s no shame in making some extra cash by babysitting, selling in the garage, or doing some solo work for your neighbors.

Whatever your schedule and whatever your skills, the writer stresses that there must be something you can do to earn money without following a traditional career path.

This is how the writer presented a report to him that included 120 ideas to help a person increase his income beyond what he gets in return for his traditional work.

We have chosen 12 ideas that the author puts at the forefront of his collection.

1. “Flex Jobs” or the online job market

Flexjobs is an online job market filled with flexible jobs, remote opportunities for those looking for full-time or part-time work, with over 25,000 jobs to choose from.

2. Small tasks

An easy way to earn some extra money is to start by completing small tasks when you have some free time, you won’t make a fortune this way, but if you start figuring out which tasks will make you the most money and how to complete them quickly, maybe the best place to go is Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, one of the largest micro-tasking sites, as well as Clickworker and The Smart Crowd.

3. Exploiting opinion polls

You will never earn a fortune completing online surveys, but putting in a few extra minutes each day can add up to a respectable amount over time, InboxDollars is one of the best survey sites out there and will give you a $20 bonus for signing up Only, as well as a chance to earn more rewards from referring friends, SurveyJunkie and Ipsos I-Say are also popular.

4. Data entry

Data entry is another career option that is not overly profitable, but if you want an easy way to make some money easily in a non-cumbersome way, it might be something to consider. Axion Data Services, DionData Solutions and DataPlus are employers that hire regular data entry clerks.

5. Transcription (converting audio files to text)

Transcription is similar to data entry, but instead of converting data from one source to another, it will convert audio files into text; It is therefore essential to be able to write quickly and accurately, and websites that employ Scribie, Transcribe Me, and Rev transcription websites. Expect to not earn a lot of money at first, but you will increase your earning power as you learn to type fast.

6. Virtual or personal assistant

As a virtual assistant, you will complete all kinds of tasks for a company or individual, i.e. all work that can be performed online. It’s a good choice if you want to do a variety of work without significant barriers to entry, and potential tasks include scheduling, customer support, and administration.

7. Virtual Receptionist

There is some overlap between a virtual assistant and a virtual receptionist, but the receptionist focuses only on answering phone calls and completing basic administrative tasks.

8. Customer Service Agent

A customer service agent does a similar job as a virtual receptionist, and both revolve around phone calls with customers. The main difference is that you help customers with their inquiries rather than booking appointments. Hilton, Apple, and Amazon are among the companies that do. Looking for customer service representatives.

9. Storing things for people

You have space in your home or an empty garage, so why not make some money out of it? It can be the size of a closet, a spare room, or an outside shed. Fortunately, there is a service that makes this so easy, in New York City they estimate that an extra basement rent will get you close to $10,000 a year!

10. Technical support

If you have some technical knowledge you can specialize in helping customers solve their problems with technology, this might include chatting with people who are struggling to use a webpage or have faulty software, and helping them troubleshoot problems.

11. Virtual Travel Agent

Anyone who enjoys customer service and has a passion for travel can consider becoming a virtual travel agent to merge these two interests together, travel agencies used to be physical entities, but since the service focuses on simple conversation, it has become more common and convenient to do so digitally. Travel Planners International, Nexion and Avoya all appoint virtual travel agents.

12. “dropshipping”

Dropshipping allows you to sell merchandise without having to keep a physical inventory of your products. A third party like Shopify stores and delivers the inventory to you at a commission rate, and your role is to list the items on your website at a high enough price that you can make a profit after the commission.

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