Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 in the test – experiences & comparison with Titan 2020

Technical details

  • Price: from € 499 for Small & Regular in synthetic leather
  • Sizes: Small (<169 cm, <90 kg), Regular (170-189 cm, <100 kg), XL (181-205 cm, 80-180 kg)
  • Upgrades: SoftWeave © Plus fabric (+20 €), NAPA leather (+450 €), premium armrest, special colors & designs from Overwatch, League of Legends, Monster Hunter, Game of Thrones or logos from various e-sports teams
  • Scope of delivery: Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series gaming chair, tools, head cushion, large illustrated instructions, guarantee certificate
  • Product weight: S 33,5 kg / Regular 34,5 kg / XL 37,5 kg
  • Guarantee: 3 years – expandable to 5 years for a surcharge or online registration & social share
  • Armrests: 4-D adjustable and completely lockable. Interchangeable armrest upholstery
  • Backrest: Can be tilted between 85 ° and 165 °, lockable, with rocker function. Stabilized on the side
  • Seat area: Cold foam mixture with lateral stabilization
  • Lumbar support / lumbar support: Adjustable in height and intensity – built into the backrest.
  • Neck pillow: Made of memory foam with cooling gel – magnetic attachment
  • Frame: Metal frame with 5-arm aluminum base and PU coated castors


As with the predecessor, great importance was attached to a good unpacking experience in the packaging of the Titan 2022. All parts are packed several times and right at the beginning there is a huge assembly instruction, on which all steps are explained with text (unfortunately only in English) and pictures.

So well packaged, the Secretlab Titan 2022 arrives safely undamaged

Banderoles or plastic parts are also installed at important points so that, for example, the position of the backrest is not removed too early or that it is easier to mount the metal block for the foot part with the seat the right way round.

secretlab-titan-evo-2022 packaging

The weight is also heavy. Due to the high quality parts used, this is between approx. 34 kg (small) and 38 kg (xl).

Assembly instructions

Thanks to the large illustrated assembly instructions, the assembly works very well. The required tools are included.

secretlab-titan-evo-2022 assembly instructions
Assembly instructions for the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Gaming Chair
Secretlab tools & screws
Secretlab Evo – Tools & screws for assembly

Seat covers

The Secretlab Evo 2022 is available in fabric, synthetic leather and real leather.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series - real leather - fabric - synthetic leather
Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series – real leather – fabric – synthetic leather

Secretlab NEO Hybrid Artificial Leather

The durability of the Evo 2022 is said to have improved again compared to the Titan 2020. I have been using the Titan 2020 continuously in my office for almost 2 years and the material still looks like new. No scratches, scuffs or the like. All the seams are like they were at the beginning. It feels like real leather and you won’t sweat if you sit on it, even in summer.

Secretlab SoftWeave Plus fabric

I ordered the Titan Evo 2022 with this fabric cover. It looks very robust and is very comfortable. You can tell the difference to synthetic leather with shorts in particular – the fabric cover feels much warmer. With artificial leather, it takes a minute for the temperature to equalize.

Secretlab NAPA Leader

This is the name for real leather at Secretlab. If you want to go fully to premium, you have the option here. However, for the surcharge you get almost 2 chairs with synthetic leather – and you have to be a professional to notice the difference here immediately.


The backrest is high cut and it should also be possible to rest your head. There is also a Pillow at, which can be attached to the head part of the backrest with magnets.

Stable lateral support

the Sides of the back are highlighted with relatively soft foamto provide lateral support without restricting mobility too much. They are also flat enough that you can easily rest your arms on the armrests without being disturbed by the side cushions.

Rocking, sleeping or fixed

The Titan 2022 can be tilted up to 165 degrees to the rear
The Titan 2022 can be tilted up to 165 degrees to the rear

Of the “Standard Shop” can be defined with a lever and is enough from 85 ° to 165 ° – that’s almost a sleeping position. This position can be either fixed or you activate the “Toggle mode“. The sensitivity of the rocking mechanism can be adjusted using a wheel on the underside of the chair.

There is only the for the rocking function synchronous rocking mode, in which the seat also moves together with the backrest.

Your back will thank you

The Titan 2022 has one Lumbar support integrated in the backrest. You can do this with 2 wheels on the side Adjust the height as well as the bulge individually to your needs. Many other gaming chairs only have cushions or fixed lumbar supports. A clear plus point for the Secretlab Chair.

For my taste you could Excellent back support adjust and position. It feels very strange now when you have to sit in a chair that doesn’t have this function.


the Cold foam mixture of the seat is rather hard and is designed for long load cycles in which the cushion should remain stable without giving too much. The side of the seat is slightly raised, but without metal reinforcement. This gives you a good grip that promotes a healthy sitting position, but if necessary you can also put a foot over it without it becoming uncomfortable.

the Width of the seat fits well according to the weight and size information of the 3 variants and you have enough space.

Size information mainly affects the width of the seat, less the height of the backrest


According to the manufacturer, the pillow is actually a Neck pillow – I was told when I asked the manufacturer. At first I was amazed that my 193 cm on the Titan Evo XL was so high up with my head. But as you can see, the pillow is right on the neck and the head can even lean back. In my opinion, however, you shouldn’t be much taller if you want to rest your head comfortably.

secretlab-titan-evo-2022-xl pillow & size
Position of the pillow for a person 193 cm tall

The pillow itself is pleasantly soft with a light velvet cover Mistake. Of the kühlende Memory-Foam adapts well to the neck and is very comfortable.

Only that Fastening with integrated magnets doesn’t work so well for me. The idea is great that you can position the pillow freely in the upper area, but it also slips easily – and occasionally even flies off. Especially when you sit down quickly.

My recommendation for the neck pillow – definitely the one Take the fabric cover and attach it with a safety pin. But it can also be that it holds better on the smooth leather & synthetic leather than on fabric.

The pillow is attached to the backrest with strong magnets

4-D armrests

Nothing is more annoying than armrests that cannot be locked and then adjust themselves. Fortunately, this problem does not exist with the Titan Evo 2022 Series.

Each position can be firmly locked:

  • Up down
  • Next previous
  • Inside & outside
  • Outward & Inward Angle

The integrated armrests are lightly padded. If you want, you can also order more heavily padded “premium armrests”.

4D armrests that can be firmly locked in any position

Guarantee & return policy

  • The standard guarantee is 3 years on all functional parts of the chair. Aesthetic defects and damage due to improper use are excluded. An email to [email protected] is sufficient.
  • The guarantee can be extended to 5 years. Either you pay 42 € or you register online and publish a post on social media about the chair, then that’s it Warranty extension to 5 years free of charge.
  • The cancellation period for the Return is 14 days after receipt of the goods. The return shipment must be made in the original packaging and must be taken over by the buyer.

Advantages disadvantages


  • High quality
  • Ergonomic sitting position
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Durable materials
  • Many setting options
  • All settings can be locked
  • Up to 5 years guarantee


  • Pillow doesn’t hold up very well
  • The backrest can only be rocked together with the seat

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