She called herself “the chosen one”… the story of a woman who was hit by a meteorite

For 67 years the laws of probability have played their game, and of the thousands – perhaps millions – of meteorites passing around us, one fell on Anne Elizabeth Hodges.

The story begins in the afternoon of November 30, 1954, in Silacoga, Alabama, in the United States, where a devout Christian rural woman named Ann Hodges was taking a nap on the sofa of her living room covered with a heavy quilt, which probably saved her life. Somewhat when a small mass of black rock smashed through the ceiling, bounced off the radio, hit her in the thigh, and left a pineapple-shaped bruise, according to National Geographic (Nationalgeographic).

Anne’s mother, who was visiting, ran to help her 34-year-old daughter when she heard her screams. Neither Anne nor her mother knew what had happened; All they knew was that something had happened to her.

fireball in the sky

In an interview with Insider,Insider) American said “Mary Beth Brundzinsky” director of collections at the Alabama Museum of Natural History, which settled the meteorite; The locals in Silacoja reported a fireball in the sky, and they heard a huge explosion that emitted a white cloud.

She added that when the rocky meteorite – consisting of iron and nickel – entered the Earth’s atmosphere, it shattered, and one of the fragments hit “Ann”, while a farmer found another piece a few miles away while driving a mule cart and later sold it for enough money to buy a house and a car. .

When the police and ambulance came to Anne’s house, the doctor diagnosed her with pain in the thigh and hand, but there was no serious damage, yet the doctor decided to take her to the hospital, not because she was seriously injured, but because she was in a very distraught state because of the accident.

property dispute

The audience was suspicious of what caused the crack in the ceiling and hit Anne, until a government geologist working near the scene decided that the object was an 8.5-pound, 7-inch long meteorite, and Anne found herself in the history books. After that incident as the first documented case of a human being struck by a meteorite.

According to the History Daily,History DailyThe meteorite was handed over to the Silacoja police, who eventually handed it over to the US Air Force.

Subsequently, Ann and landlord Birdie Jay claimed ownership of the meteorite, and the latter claimed that it fell on her land (her property), and that Anne only rented, and she had more right to the meteorite.

On the other hand, Anne believed that she was the “chosen one” when the meteor fell on her, and said, “I feel like the meteor is mine, I think God sent it to me, and after all it hit me.”

But the law was on the side of the owner of the house, and after negotiations, the owner accepted to give up the meteorite to “Ann” for $500, and the meteorite was returned to “Anne”.

The meteor in the museum

Anne hated the spotlight, and against her will she became obsessed with it, and she received daily messages from the curious; From churches, children, and teachers asking about the meteorite, she never answered any of them, leaving it to her lawyers.

The meteor did not affect her physically, but it put her under enormous psychological pressure, according to “Insider”. Her husband wanted to make money selling the meteorite, but he failed to secure the buyer, which exacerbated the differences between them, and she suffered a nervous breakdown, and they eventually separated in 1964.

Anne was tired of everything, so she decided to donate the meteorite to the Alabama Museum of Natural History, and in return asked that the museum pay her attorney’s fees. In 1972, Ann died at the age of 52 of kidney failure in a nursing home.

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