The Telegraph: Time is running out to avert a humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan

The British newspaper, The Telegraph, said that during the last G-20 summit in the Italian capital Rome, pledges were made to provide emergency aid to Afghanistan, but nothing concrete has been done so far for the benefit of this country, which faces the specter of a possible disaster during the winter season that must be avoided in any way. .

The newspaper reported in her editorial The departure of Western forces from Afghanistan cost the country the loss of all financial aid that was intended to support it.

She also emphasized that corruption, which was rampant even in the presence of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), did not diminish with the arrival of the Taliban movement to power, but rather incompetence added to it, forming a toxic mixture of bad governance.

Under these circumstances – adds the Telegraph – the specter of famine looms on the horizon, which will be exacerbated by drought and the collapse of the economic situation, at a time when various United Nations agencies are predicting a major humanitarian catastrophe in the foreseeable future.

Although the last G-20 summit discussed the aspects of this crisis and Western leaders pledged to provide emergency assistance to Afghanistan, nothing tangible happened, and the Taliban movement, although it bears part of the responsibility for what has become of the country, it has now become an element that cannot be ignored in the solution equation as it holds Take power across the country.

As for neighboring countries, such as China, India, and especially Pakistan, which will bear the burden of the exodus of refugees who will flee the country due to the effects of the possible famine, they must A central role in any conception of a coordinated solution and at the earliest possible opportunity because time is running out.

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