Try to live with it.. 9 ways to deal with endless frustration

It must be admitted that all life is ultimately affected by some tragedy, and no one is exempt from suffering anything; such as illness or the loss of a family member; So despair is sometimes an integral part of life.

Compared to other emotions such as anger and depression, despair is unique. Because it strips you of your energy and leaves you empty and hopeless, simple tasks seem daunting to you, and here it requires hard effort to get up from bed, shower or leave the house.

The problems you face may seem intractable, such as financial bankruptcy, chronic illness, or grief over the loss of a family member, but giving in to these dreadful circumstances will make despair a way of life.

Living with despair means waking up every morning with a heaviness on your chest and feeling tired no matter how many hours you sleep.

It is also known that some people, in order to get some relief, turn to drugs or addiction to escape from unbearable despair, but unfortunately when they wake up they discover that the problems they have escaped from are getting worse.

In an article on Psychology Today, psychotherapist Sean Grover says:PsychologytodayAlthough you may not be able to solve the problems you are facing, some tools can be used to weaken the grip of despair on your heart.

You may wish you could get out of your despair quickly, but in fact you have to learn to live with it a little bit (Pixels)

admit weakness

You might be wondering, “Why am I the one who’s doing this and that?” But have you ever wondered: “Why not you?” Do you think that life’s difficulties will avoid you? Although it is difficult for us to imagine ourselves or our families suffering in the future, we accept the suffering of others as a normal part of life, so try not to exclude yourself from the cycle of normalcy.

To heal yourself, you must rid yourself of the illusion that you are safe from harm. We are all equally vulnerable. By acknowledging this vulnerability we discover the deepest part of our humanity.

be patient

You may wish you could get out of your despair quickly, but in fact you have to learn to live with it a little bit. There is no direct and quick solution to get rid of despair. Your subconscious, creative and problem-solving mind takes time to process it properly; So be patient, you don’t need all the answers to all the questions in your head right now.

Break the negative pattern

Jake Eagle says in an article for Live Conscience:Live conscious– You must stop any negative pattern you do in your life. This means removing yourself emotionally from the situation that is hurting you. If this is not possible, find a quiet place where you can relax on your own during your spare moments. If you have children, do it while they are sleeping or busy.

We all need time to rejuvenate, so break your pattern, and take time to think about what you really want out of life, and what you need to do to get back on the right track.


Try your best to get out of the house once a day to get some fresh air. Brisk walking raises your metabolic rate, boosts endorphins, and gives you some much-needed spare time when you’re feeling desperate. De-stressing and getting some vitamin D can provide some relief, too.

Don’t think about solving problems

During your free time, don’t think about solving problems of any kind, and focus on resting, healing, and giving yourself positive, healthy thoughts and experiences.

Change your daily activities from television and other distractions to calming interests; Like reading only things that lift your spirits, go to bed early when possible.

You can also clear your mind by practicing silence; It does wonders to slow down your thoughts and help you be aware of the good moments in your life.

Take some time to think about the thoughts or actions that may have led to your despair and identify the main problem you are facing (pixels)

Define your main problem

Take some time to think about the thoughts or actions that may have led to your despair, and identify the main problem you are having. Are your relationships frustrating you? Do you need some renewal in your life? Do you need to learn positive thinking, stress management or time management? Once you identify the problem, and with a little guidance, you can correct it and change the course of your life. Often things get better on their own once you take time for yourself to heal and think.

Express your despair

Despair is more challenging than other emotions because it lacks energy, and therefore lacks expression. Without expression or movement, emotions last longer; So help yourself by finding ways to express your despair, such as drawing, writing, or talking to someone. Ask yourself: “What does despair look like?” Imagine it and draw it, or talk about it.

Don’t indulge in your pain

Most desperate people indulge in their pain, living with their imagination and a situation that has become hopeless. If our circumstances are in fact truly horrific, other feelings may be more appropriate than despair. The function of despair is that it prevents us from feeling our deepest feelings such as fear, anxiety, or sadness.

Do not think too much

Despair is an intellectual emotion that comes from thinking too much; So don’t overthink it, and go do something, anything; Like jumping, running, swimming, dancing, or going out and working in the garden.

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