7 safe ways to protect your child’s privacy on Instagram

Instagram relies on likes, which can turn the platform into an open contest, and thus this focus affects a child’s self-esteem

We cannot ignore the popularity of the popular photo-sharing application Instagram, specifically for teens and children who make up a large base of users of this application from uploading photos and videos, and browsing billions of photos, but with all this freedom to share information also comes a set of security issues, including Including inappropriate behavior and content.

The Barents websiteParentsEverything parents need to know about this app, including important safety measures to take as soon as possible.

The dangers of Instagram for children and adolescents

Instagram relies on likes, which can turn the platform into an open competition, thus this focus affects the child’s self-esteem, in which children do their best to create impressive content.

  • Inappropriate content

Children may encounter inappropriate content such as dangerous challenges, racist views, drug use, violent images, and more.

  • Mental health

Social media contributes to mental health problems. Teens who spend more time on their screens are more likely to report symptoms of depression and suicidal behavior.

People can easily create a fake account using your child’s name, photo and slander (Getty Images)

As explained by the “Spy Drill” website (SpydrillOther risks to consider that may affect your child’s future:

  • fake accounts

People can create a fake account using your child’s name and photo, and easily distort his or her photo, and a person can also inappropriately edit the child’s photo and publish it to the public or send immoral and offensive messages to others from this account.

  • Follow Celebrities

The celebrity lifestyle is clearly far more luxurious than the average person’s and these things tempt kids, especially if they are in their teens, to start comparing their lives to those of celebs, and that’s where the problems begin.

  • anonymous users

Chances are that a random person will comment on your child’s picture and it will be a bit cliched, the child may also receive offensive messages from someone, and it is easy to manipulate children using the information and use it for their benefit or perhaps convince them to provide some confidential details about his life.

Instagram is just like cigarettes when it comes to addiction, once your kid enters this world he has become addicted to social media.

  • Ease of building relationships

If the account is public, anyone can send a message to your child, and you can end up chatting with strangers and entering into a relationship that brings major crises.

Babies and screens: a new wake-up callInstagram is like a cigarette when it comes to addiction (Getty Images)
  • Spread a funny picture of your child

We assume that your child posted a picture of himself just for fun and somehow it became spread across all social media sites, here he got unwanted fame that negatively affects his life.

New documents revealed that Facebook knows the extent of the harm that the Instagram application is doing to many teenage girls, according to a report published by The Wall Street Journal, and that the application can reinforce unhealthy social comparisons. and self-respect, according to the Washington Post.The Washington post).

Children may be reluctant to tell parents disturbing things they see or feel when they interact with social media, because they fear that parents will block them. “Barnets” Tips to protect parents for their children from the danger of Instagram in several points:

  1. If parents become familiar with Instagram, they can monitor their children’s use of the application well, and what you should do is first and foremost to explain these risks to them briefly in order to learn about the experience of social media, and the account must be private and not public, you do not know Never interact with your child’s photos and videos.
  2. Instagram has launched a new technology to prevent accounts displaying potentially suspicious behavior from interacting with youth accounts, for example, when an adult tries to send a message to a teenager who does not follow him, he receives a notification that sending a direct message is not an option.
  3. You can easily switch from a public account to a private account, and users can create an exclusive list of followers using Close Friends, and only people in this list will be allowed to view their Stories.
  4. Instagram users can choose who is allowed to comment on posts, and users can control who can reshare their posts.
  5. Instagram has a feature to prevent bullying and other negative interactions, through “Filters”, just head to “Filters” in the comment controls section to cancel any negative interaction, and if someone bothers you you can report it by making a “Report” ( Report) about the person and the message.
  6. Parents can see how much time their kids spend on the app and set a daily time limit, for example they can set a reminder to stop using Instagram after 30 total minutes per day.
  7. Location settings, such as publishing the names of restaurants and the streets in which they are located, must be turned off, and only the city can be published.

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