Afghanistan..Taliban bans arbitrary courts and requires discipline from its fighters

The Taliban government’s “purification committee” ordered a ban on “arbitrary courts” and vowed to punish any affiliate of the movement who breaks the rules and mistreats or assaults members of the population.

The committee – whose members held a meeting in the Afghan parliament on Friday – said it was necessary for Taliban fighters to adhere to good behavior.

It added that dozens of people who mistreated people were punished, according to the Afghan Khama Press Agency on Saturday.

Committee members also said that those who impersonate Taliban affiliates and abuse people will be identified and punished.

The committee banned what it called “arbitrary courts” in various parts of the country, and ordered Taliban affiliates to confront those who carry out them.

The committee stressed that it will not tolerate abuse or assault on former security personnel, and will refer the aggressors to justice.

This committee was formed to end such attacks and acts attributed to elements in the Taliban, and to identify the perpetrators, and the movement is preparing to form 5 sub-committees to deal with this file in all Afghan provinces.

Since its return to power upon the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan at the end of last August, the Taliban has been seeking to broadcast messages of reassurance inside and outside, and is working to obtain international recognition of the legitimacy of its authority and to obtain aid to spare the country a humanitarian disaster.

In statements made last September, Mullah Yaqoub, the Minister of Defense in the Taliban government and the son of its founder, Mullah Omar, threatened the perpetrators of arbitrary killings in different regions of the country, and said that some commanders or members of the units had allowed members of former local militias to join to expand their groups.

Mullah Yaqoub warned against seeking revenge or violating the general amnesty announced by the movement for all its opponents.

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