“Cultivation of the Crescent” .. a Moroccan artistic demonstration to support the steadfastness of Jerusalem

The National Syndicate of Fine Artists in Morocco says that artists and intellectuals are still supportive of the Palestinian people’s struggle for liberation and the restoration of their usurped rights, and this is not dictated by a passing occasion or an annual anniversary, but rather an expression of their historical loyalty to Arabism and Islam.

lace- Moroccan plastic artist Benyounis Amirouche did not hesitate for a moment when he received an invitation to participate in an art exhibition in solidarity with the Palestinian people at the headquarters of the “Beit Mal Al Quds Agency” in Rabat.

Amirouche participated in this demonstration with a painting from his art group, which he worked on for 3 years on the subject of “Art and Architecture”.

Amirouche tells Al Jazeera Net that he chose a painting that embodies the architecture of Rabat, to send a message of loyalty and support to Jerusalem and all of Palestine.

In addition to his painting, more than 120 paintings will be presented to the public throughout this month, in preparation for an auction that will be organized on November 29, at the initiative of the Moroccan Syndicate of Professional Plastic Artists and the House of “Azad and Art” in Tangiers.

The proceeds of this exhibition will be allocated to fund the Agency’s cultural and artistic programs directed to Palestinian creators in the city of Jerusalem.

Amirouche says that Moroccan artists and intellectuals “do not hesitate to provide all forms of support, support and solidarity with the just cause of Palestine. This behavior is an issue rooted in the conscience of the Moroccan people of all stripes.”

He added that there is an urgent need today to affirm the values ​​of solidarity, especially in these difficult circumstances that many Arab peoples and countries are going through.

The painting in which the plastic artist Beniones Amirouche participates in the exhibition (Al-Jazeera)

Different schools and generations

More than 120 Moroccan plastic artists are participating in a group exhibition entitled “Qitaf Al Ahla”, representing different schools and artistic trends and different generations.

The head of the National Syndicate of Professional Plastic Artists, Muhammad Al-Mansoori Al-Idrisi, says that the auction will be organized on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which the United Nations General Assembly has made since 1978 an occasion to express international solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people.

The exhibition, according to Al-Idrisi, includes paintings of names that have an Arab and international presence, and their works are displayed in international museums.

Al-Idrisi explains to Al Jazeera Net that the union has carefully selected the participants in this demonstration so that the artwork presented has its owners and its fans, and the interaction with the upcoming auction is great.

Rabat/ The paintings are displayed in the exhibition “Qitaf Al Ahla Solidarity with Jerusalem”Part of the exhibition “The Crescent Harvest” in solidarity with Jerusalem (Al-Jazeera)

Historic loyalty

Among the most important names participating in this event are: Mahi Benbin, Abdel Qader Laraj, Mustafa Hafeez, Abdel Karim Al Ghattas, Abdel Kabir Rabie, Abdel Karim Al Wazzani, Fawzi Al Atiris, Hassan Al Shaer, Batoul Al Suhaimi, Bouabid Bouzid, Noureddine Dhaifallah and Noureddine Shater. , and others.

Al-Idrisi says that plastic artists, like all Moroccans, have unlimited love and unconditional support for the Palestinian people and their rights.

He said that when the Syndicate proposed the initiative to its members and sympathizers, it received an immediate response from the artists who volunteered their best creative works, as well as from the families of the late artists such as the family of the well-known plastic artist Muhammad Al-Melehi.

He added, “Artists, plastic artists and intellectuals were and still support the struggle of the Palestinian people for liberation and the restoration of their usurped rights, and this is not dictated by a passing occasion or an anniversary.” Pointing out that this demonstration is “an expression of our historical loyalty to the duty of belonging to Arabism and Islam.”

The paintings are displayed at the Qitaf Al Ahla exhibition in solidarity with JerusalemThe paintings displayed in the exhibition “The Creation of the Crescent” will be sold at an auction to support the creators in Jerusalem (Al-Jazeera)

picking creativity

While Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine celebrate the olive harvest season, the director of the Bait Mal Al Quds Agency, Muhammad Salem Al-Sharqawi, says, “We opened, with Moroccan artists, a season of another kind, bringing together people and stars for good, so it’s time to pick it.”

The agency considers this exhibition as “a first batch of rain, with which we look forward to the good people to whom we are racing to reap with them more fruits of authentic solidarity that has always distinguished the relationship of Moroccans with their brothers in Jerusalem and Palestine.”

Al-Sharqawi explained to Al-Jazeera Net that the agency is working to mobilize all possible resources in the face of the decline and limitation of funding, indicating that the initiative of the Syndicate of Professional Plastic Artists falls within the framework of cooperation with people of good will from opinion leaders in societies, associations, unions of artists, athletes and businessmen, in order to contribute to the financing of programs and projects. Needed by the city of Jerusalem and its people Almoravid.

It is noteworthy that the agency’s expected spending until the end of 2021 is estimated at $3.7 million, of which Morocco contributes 86%, in addition to donations from Moroccan individuals and institutions.

The paintings are displayed at the Qitaf Al Ahla exhibition in solidarity with JerusalemDozens of professional Moroccan artists (Al-Jazeera) are participating in the exhibition “The Cult of the Crescent”

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