European moves to stop the flow of refugees.. the high number of deaths among asylum seekers and mutual accusations between Poland and Belarus

Al-Jazeera correspondent in Poland reported that the Polish police found the body of a Syrian citizen on the border with Belarus, bringing the number of deaths among asylum seekers to 11, amid European moves to stop the flow of refugees into Poland.

“The body of a young man of Syrian nationality was found in the forest near Volka Teresowska,” the Podlakia police said in a statement, adding that “the causes of death were not immediately determined.”

There are thousands of migrants from the Middle East stuck in the bushes in the bitter cold on the borders between Belarus (Belarus) and the countries of Poland and Lithuania, members of the European Union, which refuse to allow migrants to enter their lands.

Polish humanitarian organizations have called for their access to refugees to provide support to them, stressing that there is an urgent need for an organized and professional humanitarian intervention to rescue asylum seekers.

Poland has deployed 15,000 soldiers along the border, erected a fence topped with barbed wire, and agreed to build a wall on the border with Belarus. The German authorities also set up observation points along its border with Poland in anticipation of the influx of refugees, and deployed an additional force of about 800 border guards.

crossing attempts

Polish police reported a new attempt at night to cross the border by force by “100 people” in the same area. “In sight of the police and soldiers, people on the Belarusian side fled into the forest,” she said.

At the same time, the Polish border guards reported the involvement of Belarusian forces in the destruction of barbed wire.

“At night, Belarusian soldiers tried to destroy the temporary border fence. They were removing poles and removing barbed wire using a service wagon,” the border guards said in a tweet.

He added that “the Polish forces were not able to see because of the lasers and powerful lights.”

The border police also accused the Belarusian forces of “supplying foreigners with tear gas”.


Poland accused Belarus of wanting to maintain the refugee crisis as long as possible.

The Polish border guards published pictures, which it said were of provocations by the Belarusian border guards by directing a laser at Polish soldiers on the other side of the border.

The European Union expressed its outrage at what it described as the systematic exploitation of human beings and endangering their lives for political reasons by Belarus.

The union announced that it was making progress in dealing with the crisis.

European Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas said on Friday that efforts to stem the flow of migrants massing at the border between Belarus and the European Union were bearing fruit.

“The overall situation is that we are witnessing progress on all fronts,” Schinas added at a press conference in Lebanon, noting that he will travel to Iraq and Turkey soon.

He pointed out that the European Union is preparing to impose a fifth package of sanctions on Belarus, and the European Commission has threatened to take measures against other countries or airlines that contribute to the crisis by transporting migrants to Belarus.

Belarus refuses

Belarus renewed its rejection of the accusations against it, and expressed its readiness to cooperate with the Union, accusing Poland of using the crisis as a card to divert attention from its problems with the European Union.

Belarus vowed that it would “respond harshly” to any attack targeting it, denouncing Poland’s deployment of a large number of its soldiers on the border between the two countries at the height of the migrant crisis.

“It seems that our neighbors in the West – especially Poland – are ready to ignite a conflict into which they want to drag Europe,” Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrinin said in a video message, warning that “the armed forces of Belarus are ready to respond harshly to any attack.”

And the Belarusian border guards sent reinforcements to the “Brzyzky” border crossing with Poland, in response to similar actions by the Polish side.

For his part, Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko confirmed that he instructed the construction of an integrated refugee camp on the border with Poland and the distribution of aid to them in light of their severe suffering.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied his country’s connection to the refugee crisis on the Belarus-Poland borders.

He said that the President of Belarus could cut off gas supplies to Europe, expressing his hope that things would not reach that extent, as he put it.

The Russian president also indicated that his country’s relationship with Belarus and the European Union would be damaged if the Belarusian president decided to reduce the transit of gas supplies.

Turkish refusal

Ibrahim Kalin, the Turkish president’s chief adviser for foreign affairs, confirmed to AFP on Saturday that blaming Ankara or its national carrier for the humanitarian crisis at the Polish-Belarus border is “misleading.”

On Friday, Ankara announced a ban on the travel of citizens of 3 countries in the Middle East to the former Soviet republic through Turkish airports due to the “problem of border crossings between the European Union and Belarus.”

Kalin explained that accusations of Turkey somehow contributing to the border crisis are unfair. “Turkey has nothing to do with this recent crisis of illegal immigrants between Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and other European countries,” Kalin said.

“Passengers from Belarus and from there are heading to Lithuania, Poland and other European Union countries. To blame Turkey or Turkish Airlines for this is simply misleading and misplaced,” he added.

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