How do you cope with your job problems if you hate your boss?

There are two facts every employee should know: Bad managers do exist, and you’ll likely come across one of them at some point in your career. The second is that your continued work does not necessarily equate to success in establishing great relationships with co-workers and managers.

You are not the only one who suffers from fatigue during working hours, most employees around the world suffer from work pressure, not only because of the burden of tasks placed on their shoulders but also because of the poor relationship with their superiors.

Fortunately, there are ways to cope. If you hate your boss, you can get through your workdays without being overwhelmed or getting bogged down in everyday problems, while maintaining your professional development and ability to succeed.

To initiate a series of attempts to fix what was spoiled by work pressures.


It may seem difficult if you take the initiative to sit down with your boss to discuss work issues that bother you and impede your progress, he says. Peter Holmes A lawyer who specializes in labor law and human resources “You’d be surprised how many people have never even tried to sit down to discuss their cases.”

Schedule a time to have a calm, relaxed conversation with your boss to express your feelings, and perhaps ask questions about events that are bothering you. You may discover that your boss didn’t realize how their actions affected you or that you were upset.

But, if you can’t stand the person completely, you can write a long letter about your problems and their causes, without attacking or making accusations, or reviewing the problem personally.

Remember that written messages do not fully express what you want to say, but if you do not have the opportunity to speak directly with your boss, you must convey the message to him in another way, and make sure that the message does not appear in the form of a complaint or accusation, but rather an explanation of what is going on in your mind of problems, and it will be It’s best to leave the decision up to your boss to solve the problem, because some managers don’t like that solutions come from their employees.

Perhaps your manager will be interested in the message and start asking you what solutions you see fit to solve the problem, only then can you review the possible solutions.

Also, make sure that you are not an annoying employee, who raises the problem without having an alternative vision.

It is important to document each incident as it occurs, so don’t rely on your memory alone, take notes (pixels)

Meditation or boxing

The problem with hating your boss is that your emotions can overwhelm your sense of positivity, causing you to make decisions that ultimately damage your career, she says. Alison GreeneManagement expert, “Feeling angry, frustrated, or humiliated are emotional states that lead you to do things that are more about (I’ll show them! I’ll get revenge) than about the outcome that will be best for you.”

“The more you can step back from emotional situations and look at things objectively in terms of your professional interests first, rather than letting your emotions drive you, the less likely you are to do something you’ll regret,” Green adds.

So, try using a two-minute meditation app, taking a minute of walking during your break, venting by talking to a friend who doesn’t work in the same place with you, or hitting the boxing gym after work to get rid of your anger.

And remember not to return to your home with the same charge of anger, because work should never reflect on your personal and family life.

Keep in mind the positives

If you really hate your boss, it is better to look for another job, but unfortunately this is not possible for many people, because your job may really like you, and there are some other factors that make it worth your stay in it, so do not let one person control your choices professional.

Find out if this situation is something you can live with, and if you absolutely can’t, start looking for ways to move forward, says Green, “but often, if you accept your manager as part of the package of advantages and disadvantages at work, you can then find ways To live with the situation more comfortably.”

Documentation of errors

If your manager is doing something wrong or even illegal, for example, verbally harassing or asking you to falsify receipts or perform illegal actions, it is important to document every incident as it occurs, don’t rely on your memory alone, take notes and save emails and mails Audio and related texts.

This will be very important if you decide to escalate the problem to HR or someone above them or even report it to the police Even if what they are doing does not go beyond legal limits, it may be beneficial for you to document questionable behavior and incidents, especially if your boss is retaliatory or I was concerned that he might use this to harm you in connection with future upgrades or raises.

When you have a rude boss, being able to laugh at the absurdity of your situation may support your sanity from breaking down (Pixels)

Be very honest with yourself

Sure, your boss may simply be a bossy person with too much power and you’re just an innocent victim, but it’s possible that you played some part in the deterioration of your professional relationship.

Honestly, if you’re not a victim, offering olive branches is fine, even if you feel your boss is more wrong than you, it can go a long way in reducing workplace tensions.

Keep your sense of humor

When you have a rude boss, being able to laugh at the absurdity of your situation may support your sanity from breaking down.

Praise the achievements

Well, if you hate your boss so much and there’s no escaping the day-to-day dealings with him, praise your team’s accomplishments. This is the last thing you might think of, but winning the business battle doesn’t necessarily mean defeating your boss in front of you in the ring.

And perhaps distracting the bossy boss in other issues away from your field is a victory of another kind, as it will help you enjoy some peace during work hours.

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