Immigration, gas and maneuvers… Putin talks to Americans and Europeans

Russian President Vladimir Putin considered that the US and NATO maneuvers in the Black Sea constitute a serious challenge to his country, and at the same time warned of the possibility of Belarus cutting off gas supplies to the European Union countries.

In an interview with “Russia Channel 24”, the Russian president stressed that “the unscheduled US maneuvers in the Black Sea constitute a serious challenge to Moscow.”

Putin said, “The United States and its NATO allies are now conducting unscheduled – and I want to stress unscheduled – maneuvers in the Black Sea basin, not only by forming a group of highly powerful ships, but also by using aviation, including strategic aviation, and this represents a serious challenge for us. “.

He pointed out that the Russian Defense Ministry submitted a proposal for Moscow to conduct unscheduled maneuvers in the same region, adding, “But I think that this method is not appropriate, and there is no need to escalate tensions further there.”

Putin stressed that the Russian Defense Ministry is satisfied with following the planes and ships of NATO countries in the region.

The Russian president indicated that these maneuvers come at a time when Western media are publishing multiple allegations of Russia’s intention to “militarily invade Ukraine,” stressing the invalidity of these allegations.

Migration and gas

In a related context, the Russian President stressed during an interview broadcast today, Saturday, that Moscow has nothing to do with the migration crisis at the border between Belarus and Poland.

“I want everyone to know that we have nothing to do with it,” he said in an interview with the official “Vesti” network, in comments that come after Poland and other Western destinations accused Moscow of working with Minsk to arrange sending thousands of migrants to the border region.

But Putin reminded the Europeans that their Belarusian opponent could cut off their gas supplies, and said, “The President of Belarus can cut off gas supplies from Europe, and I hope things don’t come to that.”

It is noteworthy that hundreds of migrants – most of them from the Middle East – have been stuck for days on the border between Poland and Belarus in the midst of frost.

Poland refuses to allow them to cross, while the West accuses the Belarusian president of bringing them into the country in order to send them to the border in retaliation for the sanctions imposed on his country.

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