Suffering from flatulence troubles? These foods may be the cause

From yogurt and broccoli to pancakes, there are many foods that make your stomach feel like a distended balloon, and there are foods that may seem healthy to you and you would not think that they might cause this unpleasant feeling in certain circumstances.

And writer Agathe Haakon says – in a report published by the newspaper “Le Figaro” (Le Figaro) French – It is well known that white bread, raw vegetables and coffee in large quantities cause flatulence, but there are also other foods that we may not think of that cause this problem in the stomach and intestines, presented to us in the following by nutritionist and dietician Alexandra Rheton.

This type of vegetable is rich in vitamins and many nutritional advantages, and is an important part of the diet in many kitchens of the world, but it has the same effect as cabbage, as it may lead to the formation of annoying gases.

2- fruits

If your gut is sensitive, all fruits lead to flatulence because they are rich in fibre.

3- Chia seeds

Although these seeds are excellent for feeling full, rich in omega-3s and minerals, Alexandra RĂ©tone warns that they may cause some patients to have stomach problems when consumed in excessive amounts. This nutrition expert says, “Chia seeds are rich in fiber, and when they mix with water inside the body, they become sticky and ferment, which leads to a feeling of flatulence.”

4- Some dairy products

Some people have trouble digesting the lactose in yogurt and milk. “Most of the time, when the abdomen is swollen, it means that the body has not produced enough lactase enzymes, which are responsible for digesting lactose,” says Alexandra Rheton.

5- Puffy foods

All foods that puff up while they’re being prepared, such as popcorn, can cause puffiness because they have air in them.

6- Fries

This expert warns that fried potatoes, dumplings, and others all contain a large amount of oils burned at a high temperature, which causes them to undergo chemical transformations, leading to digestive problems and difficulties in the work of the digestive system, especially since these fatty foods do not contain enough of fiber in order to facilitate the work of the intestine.

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