The “friend in need” hoax .. WhatsApp warns of a new method used by fraudsters to seize your money

A new report has revealed an increase in emails and WhatsApp messages from cybercriminals who are using the “needy friend” method, so they can take your money.

According to the newspaper The Sun (The Sun) in Britain, there are increasing reports of people being deceived in this way, and WhatsApp, which has partnered with “National Trading Standards”, which is concerned with detecting fraud, has warned users of the fraud called “Friend in Need.” .

According to the WhatsApp report, about 59% of people using the application have received a scam based on the “friend in need” scam or know someone who has been exposed to it within the past year.

What is the “friend in need” trick?

This scam involves cybercriminals hacking into the account of someone you know, and then sending a message to you or several people in your contact list, hoping that someone will respond.

The offender may even read previous messages to be able to mimic the correct tone of speaking to you so that suspicion is not aroused.

He gives many reasons why he needs a loan, and the criminal can claim that your friend is stuck abroad and needs money for the return trip or that your friend has been robbed, for example.

What do you do to avoid fraud?

If you are asked for money in this way, pause and try to contact your friend who claims they need the money, they may say they can’t talk to you right now, but you should insist that you can’t send money until you are sure that that friend is actually your friend.

The fraudster may try to make you feel guilty about your friend, however, it is important to keep calm and contact the person or use a different method to confirm their identity.

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