He said that Iraq is on the verge of an imp.. Allawi puts forward an exciting proposal to solve the election crisis


The head of the first Iraqi government after 2003, Iyad Allawi, sparked widespread controversy on social media platforms after a call he made to compensate the losers in the elections, and give them seats in the House of Representatives after holding a mini-conference.

Political researcher Iyad Al-Anbar said on his Twitter account, “Dr. Iyad Allawi’s statement is evidence of the crisis in the thinking of the power parties and their leaders with democracy, and the way they dealt with the elections in which they do not share with political Islam, and this statement is the biggest evidence of the depth of the crisis.”

The journalist, Saadoun Mohsen Damad, commented, through his Twitter account, saying, “An explicit call for a coup against democratic legitimacy and violation of the constitution and the law. It is not appropriate for a politician to adopt such sabotage and motivate it.”

“Iyad Allawi’s call to compensate the losers reflects the level of political shallowness in Iraq,” journalist Baraa Salman said on his Twitter account.

Salman added, “Supposing the participation was effective… and the winner was the October forces, how would the armed political forces deal with the alleged democracy?”

Journalist Ahmed Al-Khidr wrote, on his Twitter account, addressing Iyad Allawi, “Abu Hamza, your statements are supposed to be issued by an old politician because they are against the constitution and the law and undermine the democratic process and cancel the role of the people in choosing who represents them.” Parties are the source of authority, if I am wrong.”

Allawi said during a television interview that “part of the solution (is) to hold a mini-conference to discuss the outcomes of the recent elections, ways to solve them, and to compensate the losers of those participating in the parliamentary elections,” noting that the elections left Iraq on “the palm of an imp”, and that among the solutions he proposes, conducting Another election after 9 months, or the addition of other representatives to the losing blocs in some areas, the aim of which is to move away from the civil war.

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