Loch Valley in Turkey.. Autumn colors and the turquoise Dorakani River form picturesque paintings for photography lovers

The Loch Valley in Kastammonu (Northern Turkey) is adorned with autumn colors that paint stunning scenery.

There are 4 villages around Loch Valley that attract photography enthusiasts in the fall (Anatolia)

The valley – which is 1,200 meters deep in some places – is distinguished by its pristine nature.

Its vegetation cover also varies, as well as hosting many types of wild animals.

“Luc Valley” overlooks its beautiful appearance in the autumn season (Anatolia)

The valley through which the Dorakani River passes is covered in charming autumn colors, which, along with the turquoise color of the river’s water, have formed breathtaking paintings.

Loch Valley is distinguished by its diverse vegetation (Anatolia)

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, the photographer Gabriel Kalash said that the valley is one of the places where the spring and autumn seasons look splendidly.

Autumn colors that painted stunning landscapes (Anatolia)

He noted that the valley contains many wonderful views that lovers of nature and photography are looking for.

“Loach Valley” is distinguished by its pristine nature (Anatolia)

Zafar Kajin, who resides in the village of Hamidli in the region, said that there are 4 villages around the valley that attract photography enthusiasts, especially in the fall.

Loch Valley also attracts camping enthusiasts in the summer (Anatolia)

He pointed out that the area is distinguished by its pristine nature and its scenic landscapes, which also attract camping enthusiasts in the summer.

Loch Valley hosts many types of wild animals (Anatolia)

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