Poll: Biden’s popularity is at an all-time low

An opinion poll conducted by The Washington Post and ABC News indicated that the approval rating of US President Joe Biden has fallen to a new low, mainly due to more negative opinions among the American public. Democrats and Independents.

And the “Bloomberg” news agency said today, Sunday, that the overall approval rate for the president is 41%, down from 50% in June and 44% last September, according to the poll, which added that his current situation is not statistically different from what it was two months ago.

And about 53% said they were not satisfied with his performance, and if the elections were held today, 46% of adults in general would support the Republican candidate for Congress, and 43% would support the Democratic candidate, according to the poll.

Of the registered voters, 51% will choose a Republican candidate, while 41% will choose a Democrat.

The poll showed that about half of Americans in general, as well as political independents, blame Biden for the acceleration of inflation.

Many observers believe that voters will hold the Democrats accountable for causing the inflation crisis and high prices due to excessive spending, and their inability to manage the supply chain crisis.

The results of the Virginia state elections – where the Republicans scored an unexpected big victory – were a harbinger of the Democratic Party and President Biden’s policies ahead of next year’s congressional elections.

A recent opinion poll conducted by “Monmouth University” showed that only 42% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance, while 50% of Americans do not approve of his economic policies.

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