What does good looking mean to an elegant man?

When choosing your clothes, keep away from the boring, and let your charming spirit do the rest.

Loops magazine said (L’ObsFrench Elegance is not concerned with fashion and common trends, but rather it is in violation of the ordinary and avoids wearing what is common, and lies in the attention to detail, because good looks does not necessarily buy what is modern, although it is pathetic to buy what is out of fashion.

Writer Sophie Fontanel says that she does not forget the request of her colleague Alexander Comte, who wanted her to make him look elegant before the summer. The same for 3 months, by observing people with good tastes.

If you think of a shirt collar, for example, looking good is a risk to beat the tedium of common dress (pixels).

Correct details

And good taste – according to Fontanel – does not require too much elegance, and “a good appearance is not the right pants shape, but it is always a simple thing, which is choosing the right details in the right place and in the right way, that’s all.”

If you think of a shirt collar, for example, good looks are not your thing alone, but there are things that were not specifically separated for you and are common to everyone, and here lies the risk of using ready-made clothes for everyone.

To overcome the boredom of common clothing designs, you can add some other details accompanying your clothes, such as: the belt and the color of the pants, as they are what distinguish you, according to what the writer says.

Clothes worn by men that irritate womenElegance for some people consists in deviating from the norm and contradiction (Getty Images)

out of the ordinary

We can laugh at those who wear certain clothes, but it is this departure from the norm and contradiction that makes the shape of the pants look great, and choosing a wool hat that you think is more wearable and will give you a good appearance, may be better than wearing a tourist hat with written on it. Paris”, one of those sold everywhere.

And a good appearance – as the writer sees – may be by wearing an open shirt with long sleeves, under which a cotton shirt appears, for example, and taking a tape instead of the belt, and this means that it seems that we chose the clothes at random, but at the same time it is based on the strength of observation of all the good and attractive appearances in the scientist.

Looking good in a black suit is hard to tell if it’s expensive or cheap (Getty Images)

Monotony and rebellion!

The painter Miro said that everyone loves Picasso’s abstract paintings because they know that he can paint perfectly, and this applies to fashion, the good appearance may be the black suit, which is difficult to determine whether it is expensive or cheap, and it may be the eye of monotony and its owner knows that.

This is the search for the elements of rebellion, so be mindful of being different and away from what brings boredom, and let the charismatic spirit within you do the rest, says Sophie Fontanel.

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