Why do some people feel sad, anxious and frustrated on their birthdays?

While many people look forward to their birthday with happiness and enthusiasm to celebrate it with their loved ones and make it a special day and plan for the next year, others become anxious, fearful and sad as their birthday approaches and do not welcome it or celebrate it, a condition known as “birthday depression”.

وعرف ‘Christmas depression’ Feeling sad or frustrated as birthday approaches, avoiding celebrating or thinking about it, is common and can affect anyone regardless of age.

There are many reasons for these feelings, which can also include external factors. There is no need to be shy, your feelings are valid, and most importantly, they can be controlled.

Temporary mental state or crisis

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM5) does not recognizeDSM 5) identify birthday depression as a mental health disorder, although some individuals experience depression or sadness during their birthday.

SAIC Central reported. (Psych Central) A mental health professional, says that sometimes you may experience symptoms of depression related to a specific condition or event, for example, on your birthday, which is referred to as situational depression.

Instead of beating yourself up for what you haven’t accomplished, you can focus on what has been accomplished in previous years (networking sites)

Causes and motives for Christmas depression

There are many possible reasons why someone might feel frustrated on their birthday, including:

Fear of getting old

Some think about what they have achieved over the past years, and they may not feel right where they want to be, especially in years that many consider “significant”, such as turning 30 or 50.

People around you may hear phrases like “You’re 30 and not yet married? When are you going to have kids?”, “Watch out your metabolism is going to start slowing”, or “You should have started saving for retirement” can cause great stress.

fear of death

Also known as Thanatophobia, and with Christmas approaching, people with this phobia feel they may have fewer years to live.

past traumas

Experiencing trauma in the past, and linking that trauma to your birthday or unpleasant family memories of birthdays during childhood, which may bring back feelings of anxiety or depression that you experienced at the time of the trauma.

Fear of loneliness

Some fear facing their feeling of loneliness, that they have no one to celebrate this special occasion with, or fear that loved ones will not remember or care to celebrate with them.

high expectations

A person’s high expectations can also cause them to feel sad on their birthday. When you wait for your friends or partner to throw a party and take care of you as you do them, but not, it’s normal to feel disappointed.

A person’s high expectations may also cause them to feel sad on their birthday (Pixabe)

Symptoms of Christmas depression

There are some signs that may alert you that you are suffering from Christmas depression, including:

  • A change in your mood may last for several days before and after your birthday.
  • Feeling frustrated or sad and crying more than usual.
  • Reflect on the past and think about the goals you haven’t achieved yet.
  • Feeling anxious about how much time you have left in life.
  • Lack of interest in doing what you normally enjoy, and lack of energy or motivation to get things done.
  • Sleep and appetite disturbances, difficulty concentrating.
  • Feeling physical aches and pains.
  • Desire to isolate yourself.

Fortunately, Christmas only passes once a year, but you can also improve this period, and relieve negative feelings with some simple steps, including:

accept what you feel

Negative emotions are a natural response to many internal and external factors, and your hatred of them will not change, so allow yourself to go through how you feel, without making judgments or making yourself feel happy and excited.

Focus on the positive side

Instead of beating yourself up over what you haven’t accomplished, you can focus on what has been accomplished in previous years, and think about the best thing that happened to you, what fun thing you or someone you met did and did you learn something interesting or useful for the rest of your life? And the achievement doesn’t have to be something unparalleled.

You can focus on your next year and what you can achieve during it, or plan to do something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance.

Express your desires

As frustrating as it is when people don’t do what you expect of them, other people can’t read minds, so if you have special desires, it can help to say what you want clearly.

reward yourself

Remember that you can create that joy for yourself, you can wear the new clothes you left for a special occasion – there is nothing more important than that now – or eat a special meal at a fine restaurant, or go for a long walk.

Birthdays are stations in your life to look at what you have achieved and evaluate and think about what you aspire to, fear and anxiety over the passing of days is normal, but always remember that not achieving some things like the rest of your peers is also normal, for each person has his own path with his own circumstances, and things do not happen All the time as we plan it, and that must be accepted.

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