World forum makes manufacturers responsible

By far not every motorist is convinced of electromobility; there are actually still a few shortcomings that can be remedied. One of them is battery life, which so much depends on, but there is no general guarantee for it. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (Unece) would like to change that, every country is invited to agree to the decision.

Batteries are guaranteed to last a long time

The EU is involved in the Geneva battery initiative

From 2023 there should be a minimum shelf life for vehicle batteries so that car owners can rely on their expensive energy storage. Nobody wants to buy a new battery after just a few years or accept severe reductions in performance, but that is exactly what is always to be feared when buying an e-car. The EU is part of the initiative, as are the USA and China, as well as Japan, South Korea, Canada and Great Britain: a strong alliance that is now setting something in motion.

The representatives of the nations sat together in Geneva at the World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations and prepared a draft text that will be formally voted on in March 2022. The states that agree at this point undertake to align their national legislation accordingly and to give car buyers a firm guarantee.

Less than 20 percent loss of capacity in 5 years

In this case, the car manufacturers have to prove that their batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles have a constant performance. Less than 20 percent of the capacity may be lost over the first 5 years or a distance of 100,000 kilometers. In the first 8 years or over 160,000 kilometers, it should be a maximum of 30 percent. These rules serve to prevent the use of inferior batteries, protect buyers and thus promote the spread of e-cars.

Unece reports that around 3 million electrically powered vehicles will be sold worldwide in 2020, including hybrid cars. In Europe, the market share has now risen to 10 percent. The best-before-date guarantee will likely fuel demand.


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