Arab cinema is out of the ordinary.. 9 films competing in Oscar 2022

Nine Arab countries have nominated the films they represent in the 94th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film not speaking in English, a competition that includes 93 films that are filtered to reach the short list competing only 5 films, so that the winning film will be announced in March 2022 at Dolby Plus Theater Los Angeles.

hip hop freedom

After its screening in the official competition of the El Gouna Film Festival, the film selection committee nominated the Oscar for best foreign film, representing Morocco, “Raise Your Voice” to compete with the list of Arab and non-English-speaking films for the award.

The film directed by Nabil Ayouch decided to express through hip-hop music the state of rebellion in which a generation of young people live in search of freedom. The film also deals with the recruitment of young people in Morocco for terrorist acts and how art is a means of salvation.


After his participation in the Carthage Film Festival, the Tunisian film “Fartato Al Dahab” directed by Abdelhamid Bouchnak is included in the list of the best foreign film for the Oscars.

The film revolves around “Moez”, a bloody police officer, but he changes thanks to a young boy who meets him and sets out with him on events that change the way he views life.


Algeria is participating in a film directed by Jaafar Kassem, starring Aziz Boukroni, Mehdi Ramdani, and some artists from France.

“Heliopolis” about the period of French colonization of Algeria in the forties of the last century and what the state of Guelma in northeastern Algeria was exposed to at the time. Algeria nominated the film “Heliopolis”, directed by Jaafar Kassem, to compete for the Oscar.


On the Palestinian issue, the film “Princess” by director Mohamed Diab, to represent Jordan, joined the list.

Amira, starring Saba Mubarak, Ali Suleiman and Tara Aboud, and participated in many international and international festivals, including Venice and El Gouna.

The film revolves around “Amira”, a teenage girl who was born after a sperm was leaked from her father, who is in Israeli prisons, and begins a journey in search of her identity, turning her life into a great shock.

Costa Brava

After winning two awards at the fifth edition of the El Gouna Film Festival, and his participation in Venice and Toronto, Lebanon chose the movie “Costa Brava” by director Mona Akl to represent her in the Oscars.

Lebanese director Nadine Labaki co-starred in the film, where the events revolve around a family living in the mountain far from Beirut with a life that respects the ecological system, until a company starts building a dumpster next to their house, and life changes.

border border

Saudi Arabia is participating in the director Abdul Aziz Al-Shallahi’s film “Had Al-Tar”, and the events of the film revolve around Dale Bin Al-Sayyaf, who refuses to inherit the profession of his father, who carries out the provisions of killing with spears with the sword, and at the same time falls in love with the daughter of a popular singer.


An Iraqi young man in his twenties decides to enter Europe on foot across the borders of Turkey and Bulgaria through the Balkan route, only to be arrested by the Bulgarian police and after he manages to escape looking for salvation to go in an endless forest, but he fights for freedom and life .

The film “Europe” by Iraqi director Haider Rashid, which was chosen to represent Iraq in the category of the best foreign film. The film deals with the illegal immigration that Iraqis are exposed to in order to escape the difficult life.

the stranger

The film “The Stranger”, directed by Amir Fakhr El-Din, was also chosen to represent Palestine at the Oscars, after it was shown at the Venice Festival, and participated in the Palestine Film Days Festival, and is also scheduled to participate in the 43rd session of the Cairo Film Festival.


As for Egypt, the film “Souad” by director Aiten Amin was chosen, and the film discusses the state of human contradiction between life in reality and the virtual world through social networking pages. The images through which she achieves the life she desires, before she is exposed to a crisis when her real life is revealed through social media as well, and her ambitions are crushed.

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