Artistic creativity between heritage and modernity..a Qatari artist inspired by the mural “Cultural Ties” Qatari-US relations

Qatari artist Mona Al-Badr sees the mural as a fruit of Qatari-American cooperation

Doha- Science is a pillar in the renaissance of peoples, it builds their personality, and makes them accept each other and learn about their culture.

A mural by a Qatari artist comes to express the symbolism of the ties between Qatar and the United States, as part of the “Jedary Art” initiative within the framework of the 2021 Qatar-American Year of Culture program.

The features of the heroine of this mural are a portrait of a woman in her early fifties, who painted on her hopeful features on her face the features of innovation and industrial and urban development in Qatar and America, and the strengthening of the role of women in achieving this renaissance.

Qatari artist Mona Al-Badr woven the mural “Cultural Links” with her lines that accurately painted the eyes of this piercing woman and her cheerful face as she looks on the horizon to the future of the coming generations.

Regarding the philosophy of choosing that image, Al-Badr explains that her choice to implement this mural came from her belief in the degree of similarity that links the features of that real image to the tangible and evolving reality in all sectors that Qatar and America live in.

Artist Mona Al-Badr: The mural has become a fruit of Qatari-American cultural cooperation (Al-Jazeera)

fruit of cooperation

Al-Badr says – in an exclusive interview with Al-Jazeera Net – that in this mural, she recalled her childhood and embodied it with a painting that became the fruit of cultural cooperation between Qatar and America during the 2021 Cultural Year.

She adds that the painting that she drew as part of the “My Wall is Coming” initiative collected the development of the infrastructure of the two countries that stimulated industrialization, encouraged innovation and contributed to strengthening the role of women in both countries. Without good education, this renaissance in which we live today would not have been achieved.

Jadari Art is an initiative launched by the Cultural Years Program at Qatar Museums, and it is one of many programs that include exhibitions and installation works by Qatari and American artists, presented in the United States and Qatar, as part of the annual international cultural exchange program designed to deepen understanding between nations and peoples. Qatar-America Year of Culture 2021.

University of Houston faculty members celebrate the Qatari artist in recognition of her work on the mural (Al Jazeera)

Connecting color to feelings

Through her artworks that link modernity with Qatari heritage, the Qatari artist always seeks to link color with feelings, whether joy or sadness, and presents stories through her paintings that tell different stories and purposeful messages through color and the stroke of the brush.

And the mural painted on the campus of the University of Houston in Texas, is 12 square meters in size, and Al-Badr believes that it embodies a description of the state of urban and industrial development that the State of Qatar has reached in various fields.

Although she is a graduate of the Department of Information Technology and Business Administration at the College of Engineering, Al-Badr’s passion for drawing created her as a talented artist who expresses what is on her mind with her brush, and believes that art is a language of feelings that everyone deals with in his own way.

The colors used in the mural painting are graffiti spray colors, and were chosen to match the nature of the mural’s exterior and its presence on the university’s external campus. It was also painted with a fixative that preserves the luster of the colors.

Al-Badr considers the mural as its largest artwork (Al-Jazeera)

Having the experience of drawing in one of the most prestigious American universities, contributed greatly to the definition and dissemination of the artistic movement in Qatar, as well as the role of women in promoting this movement and its development over the past decades, according to Al-Badr.

cultural bridges

The 35-year-old Qatari artist, who started her career with drawing since her early childhood, believes that the live interaction with students during her work on the painting was one of her sources of inspiration, as she invoked the importance of education in creating strong cultural bridges between peoples, which made her give this experience to drawing. mural;

She points out that this painting is one of the largest artworks that she has worked on related to graffiti in terms of size, as she painted this mural over a period of 7 days, and it posed a great challenge for her in that her drawing was not without risk, especially since she used a scaffold to be able to From that, this mural added to her a new experience in how large spaces are used and dealt with on the ground.

Al-Badr receives a commemorative shield from the governor of Houston (Al-Jazeera)

In appreciation of her efforts while working on this mural, the Qatari artist received a commemorative shield from the office of the governor of Houston, the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the United States.

Despite winning many awards, whether at the local or Arab level, and her accumulated experiences through her participation in various workshops and events with the most prominent international artists, Al-Badr considers that the artist always needs to develop and learn new technologies on an ongoing basis, especially since in this field there is no specific point to stop or An end to creativity or judging how good the artist is or not.

The artworks of Al-Badr – who became the first Qatari artist to use graffiti art – were distinguished at the beginning of her career by their large size, the use of strong feather strokes and loud colors, but after 10 years and artistic maturity, her work was dominated by the calm nature and blue color, and she excelled in drawing graffiti on buildings.

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