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Cooled cable charges electric cars in five minutes

Robert Klatt

A new charging cable with an evaporating coolant can charge electric cars in just five minutes.

West Lafayette (U.S.A.). In discussions on the subject of electromobility, the charging time, which is long compared to refueling, is often criticized. In addition to the batteries in the vehicle, this is limited by the charging cable, which would overheat if the load was too high. Now scientists have the Purdue University presented a new technology with which charging should be as fast as refueling.

According to their publication in International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer they have developed an efficient cooling system, thanks to which significantly larger amounts of electricity can flow through the cable without overheating.

Coolant in the cable

There is also a coolant in the new charging cable that evaporates. As a result, the heat is dissipated much better than with the charging cables currently in use.

In addition, the new charging cable enables higher currents to be conducted with a smaller diameter. The cooling system not only increases the charging capacity, but also simplifies the handling of the cables.

2.400 Ampere

In laboratory experiments, the scientists were able to conduct electricity with a strength of over 2,400 amps through the new charging cable. To charge the battery of a standard electric car in five minutes, 1,400 amperes would be sufficient.

In the future, modifications to the cable and the coolant could enable even higher charging capacities, according to project manager Issam Mudawar. However, this would also require corresponding batteries in the vehicles and charging stations with a sufficiently high output.

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, doi: 10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2021.121224

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