Facebook is advancing more and more to the love-hate relationship of users

Facebook in last place in the current customer satisfaction rankings in the USA? Did something go wrong here? According to the latest studies, the world’s largest social network is increasingly becoming a love-hate relationship, as reported by Spiegel-Online, among others. Too much advertising, unannounced changes and just absolute opacity could damage the social network giant in the long run. More than 750 million users are still registered on Facebook, who still take part in the lively “social netork life”.

Too much advertisement? One aspect that speaks against Facebook, for example, can be an important trump card of Google+. The search engine giant should probably continue to forego various advertisements in order to be able to set itself apart from the competition in this area in the long term. But we also like to remember the early days of StudiVZ. Until the sale to Holtzbrinck Verlag, annoying advertisements were dispensed with …

Facebook was able to achieve just 66 out of 100 possible points in the current ACSI (American Customer Satsifaction Index) customer satisfaction ranking. The USA is one of the largest catchment areas of the Mark Zuckerberg network. The informative value of this study is therefore quite realistic and, above all, should be taken seriously. While mySpace received no rating at all, Youtube currently ranks second behind Wikipedia with 74 points.

It is not only looking bitter for Facebook in the ultimate comparison of social networks. Even with a total of 226 websites from across the business and corporate sector, Facebook only came off one place among the “Flop 15”.

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