Germans rely on online shopping for Christmas shopping

For the study, Teads interviewed more than 2,400 consumers in eight European countries. 300 participants were generated in Germany. The survey shows that this year’s Christmas business is still marked by the pandemic. According to this, 64 percent of German consumers state that they will buy their Christmas gifts online this year and have them delivered. Another five percent prefer what is known as pick-up shopping, i.e. order online and buy in the store.

“The pandemic has triggered exponential growth in the digital world, shifting almost all areas of the economy to the Internet and positively influencing consumer confidence in the Internet. When it comes to consumer wishes for the Christmas season, the focus is on online shopping. This creates new opportunities for brands to secure new potential for the coming difficult months through sales incentives such as Black Friday, ”said Björn Radau, Senior Director Marketing & Communications at Teads, commenting on the results of the survey.

Surprisingly, sales incentives such as Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday still offer a lot of room for improvement. 50 percent of consumers stated that they did not use these events. At least a third take the chance, 14 percent of them not to buy Christmas presents.


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