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It aims to support innovation and entrepreneurship.. Saudi Arabia launches the project of the first non-profit city in the world

In a move aimed at being an inspiring model for the development of the non-profit sector globally, Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi Crown Prince, announced the launch of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman non-profit city project, which will be the first non-profit city in the world, and an incubator for many youth and voluntary groups as well as institutions Non-profit local and global.

The Saudi Crown Prince said that the city aims to support innovation, entrepreneurship and qualify future leaders, by providing opportunities and training programs for young men and girls, and will include a number of services that will contribute to creating an attractive environment for the beneficiaries of the city’s activities.

Bin Salman added that the city, which adopts the concept of digital twin, will host many academies, colleges and schools of the Misk Foundation, and will include a conference center, a science museum, and a center for creativity to be a space to achieve the aspirations of innovators in science and technology with advanced systems such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and robotics, and will include an institute An art gallery, and performing arts theatres.

sustainable design

Prince Mohammed bin Salman City, the first non-profit of its kind, is located on an area of ​​about (3.4) square kilometers, and the master plan of the city embodies an advanced digital metropolis centered on people. Open green to contribute to the promotion of sustainable development.

A member of the Saudi Shura Council, Fadl bin Saad Al-Buainain, believes that the Crown Prince’s launch of the non-profit city of Prince Mohammed bin Salman is an enhancement of the non-profit sector and in harmony with the objectives of Vision 2030 that focus on empowering the non-profit sector, expanding it, and raising its contribution to the economy according to a modern global perspective and vision. prudent strategy.

Unprecedented model

Al-Buainain added that the establishment of a non-profit city will provide the main incubator for the sector, at the local and global levels, which is an unprecedented global model that will make the Kingdom the first global incubator for the first non-profit city in the world, dedicated to developing the non-profit sector and incubating youth and voluntary groups and local and international non-profit institutions.

Al-Buainain pointed to the close link between the Misk Foundation and the non-profit city, as the city will contribute to enhancing the Foundation’s outputs, achieving its goals and providing important capabilities to support young talents and provide non-profit services in all sectors.

He stressed that the project will have a developmental reflection on the city of Riyadh, which will become increasingly distinguished by hosting the first city in the world concerned with the non-profit sector. And her interest in the arts, and her embrace of a number of academies, colleges, Misk schools, a conference center, and a scientific museum.

another city

Hours after the announcement of the non-profit city in Riyadh, the Saudi Crown Prince announced the establishment of the NEOM Industrial City “Oxagon”, which constitutes another step within the NEOM master plan, and aims to provide a new model for future manufacturing centers in accordance with NEOM’s strategy of redefining the way you live and work mankind in the future.

In a statement on the occasion of the announcement of the city’s establishment, the Saudi Crown Prince said, “The Oxagon Industrial City will be a catalyst for economic growth and diversification in NEOM in particular and the Kingdom in general, which meets our ambitions to achieve the goals of Vision 2030.”

He added that NEOM Industrial City will contribute to redefining the world’s orientation towards industrial development in the future, along with its contribution to protecting the environment, creating new job opportunities and achieving growth. Oxagon will also participate in supporting the Kingdom in the field of regional trade, as well as supporting global trade flows. in the region.

The industrial city of NEOM “Oxagon” is ideally located on the Red Sea near the Suez Canal, through which approximately 13% of global trade passes, and the city will be one of the most technologically advanced logistics centers in the world, with a state-of-the-art integrated port and an airport connection.

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