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Podcast of the month November 2021

Two-thirds FM

What is the first day in jail for a young inmate? What does a cell look like? You can quickly find yourself right in the middle of the story of Daniel from the juvenile detention center in Berlin. Daniel says that in principle he would like to be alone, but that a cell neighbor would be desirable. A team of almost ten people has set itself the goal of showing everyday life in custody. For this purpose, journalists and artists have teamed up with prisoners from the Berlin youth prison. What is special is that it is not one who reports on the other, but rather that everyone produces the podcast together. The title refers to the glimmer of hope of young offenders, with good conduct, to be released on parole after two-thirds of their imprisonment. Research, texts and production are carried out together in the Helmuth-Hübener-Schule directly in the juvenile detention center. The episodes published so far are about friendship, loneliness, happiness and the importance of music. Sophie Schroeder

Over leadership

“You could marry a board member,” Nicole Meier was advised at the beginning of her career when she expressed her desire to take on a management position one day. At the time, the chemist lacked female role models. Today she is one herself, as operations manager at BASF. In the podcast she talks about her experiences, both positive and negative. Exactly like Alissa Zeller and Kerstin Terrenoire, they too work in leading positions at the stock exchange-oriented chemical company, which publishes this podcast together with the weekly newspaper The time produces and wants to advertise on its own behalf for more female executives in a strongly male-dominated work environment. In the three episodes, the trio speaks together about key moments and success stories, but also about challenges and problems. And the women agree on one thing: there are still many obstacles to be removed. Clara Meyer

Not two men

A list of podcasts where two men talk about life grows long. And podcast like Firm and fluffy by Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz or Mixed hack by Tommi Schmitt and Felix Lobrecht are also the ones who regularly top the podcast charts. One has to assume that Jeannine Michaelsen and Mariella Tripke have their podcast for a reason Not two men called – and are no longer in the mood for guys who want to explain the world to them. The podcast is not only worth listening to because there two clever and funny women speak very openly and sometimes admit when they don’t know something. But above all because they are dedicated to topics that simply do not appear in men’s podcasts. The first episode is about abortion. Michaelsen and Tripke not only talk about the sometimes absurd legal situation in many countries, but also about personal experiences. Relentlessly honest, in places therefore incredibly funny and definitely enriching. Jacqueline Lang


Carolin Kebekus, Kevin Kühnert, Linda Zervakis and – apparently with a heavy heart – Jan Delay as well as a few other celebrities each donated a pair of their sneakers to the hosts of this podcast. Melanie Böff, Felix Rohrbeck and Christian Salewski then bugged the shoes. You want to find out what happens to them when the sneakers are disposed of. And not in the garbage can, but in used clothing bins or the recycling bins of shoe manufacturers and clothing stores. Because that’s the promise: the shoes either find a new wearer or the materials they are made of are recycled. Since the journalists – the podcast is a cooperation of NDR, The time and the research team Flip – who can track shoes via GPS signals, it soon becomes clear: the truth is completely different. Stefan Fischer

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