The departure of the Syrian artist Zuhair Ramadan .. Bab Al-Hara bid farewell to “Abu Jawdat”

He gained wide fame after presenting the character of the head of the Haret al-Dabaa police station, “Abu Jawdat” in the series “Bab al-Hara”.

The Ministry of Information and the Artists Syndicate in Syria announced the death of the captain of the Syrian Artists’ Syndicate, Zuhair Ramadan, at the age of 61, after a struggle with illness. After a struggle with illness.

health crisis

A few days ago, the union denied rumors about his death after his health deteriorated, as he had suffered from severe pneumonia for some time. Director Safwan Namo stated that the captain was in a critical health condition and his condition had deteriorated.

The Syndicate of Artists in Syria also issued a statement about his health condition, confirming that he is going through a health condition and is unable to speak or correspond, and visits have been prevented from him in the interest of doctors for his health until he recovers.

Abu Jawdat is the most famous in his career

The Syrian artist, born in Lattakia in 1960, graduated in 1983 from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, acting department, and in the same year he became a member of the Syndicate of Actors in Syria, and participated in many works, including the movie “Nights of the Jackal” and the series “The Orange Tree”, and the movie ” Oral messages”, and the series “Diyaa Dayaa” and “Umm Al-Tanafs Al-Fouqa”, but he gained wide fame after introducing the character of the head of the Haret Al-Dabaa police station “Abu Jawdat” in the series “Bab Al-Hara”, which achieved success in the Arab world.

Artists Syndicate

Zuhair Ramadan was able to obtain the title of captain of artists in Syria in 2014, and he raised a state of controversy among his colleagues in the artistic community after obtaining the position, for dismissing a number of artists for not paying union fees, and despite that he was elected again in the elections of last year 2020.

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