Saturday, November 27

Amnesty: Climate conference betrayed humanity

Amnesty International says leaders at the Glasgow Climate Conference (COP26) have disastrously betrayed all of humanity by failing to protect the people most affected by the climate crisis.

She added that they had given in to the interests of fossil fuel companies and other powerful companies.

Commenting on two weeks of negotiations held by world leaders in Glasgow, Amnesty International Secretary-General Agnes Callamard said the UN Climate Change Conference “failed to produce an outcome that protects the planet or people”.

Instead, she said, he betrayed the very foundations of the United Nations, with its commitment to peoples first, before countries and states.

Agnes Callamard: The participants in the Glasgow summit betrayed the foundations of the United Nations (Al-Jazeera)

“During their negotiations, our leaders have made choices that ignore, diminish or compromise our rights as human beings, often ignoring the most marginalized communities around the world.”

Callamard stressed that leaders’ failure to commit to keeping global temperature rise at 1.5 degrees Celsius will condemn more than half a billion people – mostly in the global south – to inadequate water, and hundreds of millions of people to extreme heat waves.

She noted that despite this catastrophic scenario; Rich countries have failed to allocate funds to compensate communities suffering losses and damages as a result of climate change.

“It is bitterly disappointing to see so many loopholes in the COP26 convention that bend the interests of fossil fuel companies rather than our rights,” she concluded, noting that the agreement failed to call for the gradual phase-out of all fossil fuel use and all fossil fuel supplies. , which indicates a lack of ambition and the bold actions needed at this critical time.

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