Because of the attempt to influence the presidential elections .. US accusations and sanctions against Iranians

On Thursday, the United States announced criminal charges against two Iranians, while the Treasury Department imposed sanctions on six others and one entity, over what authorities said was an attempt to influence the 2020 US presidential election.

Seyed Muhammad Hussain Musa Kazemi, 24, and Sajjad Kashian, 27, are accused of obtaining classified information about the voting process from at least one election website in the United States.

The two are also accused of sending threatening emails to scare voters, and of sending a video clip containing misinformation about alleged weaknesses in the electoral system.

The indictment alleges that they also managed to hack into the computer network of a US company as part of a plan to spread false allegations about the election, but the plot was thwarted thanks to the intervention of the FBI and the company, which the indictment did not name.

“The indictment demonstrates how two Iran-based elements launched a directed and coordinated campaign to undermine confidence in the integrity of the US electoral system and sow discord among Americans,” said Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen of the Department of Justice’s Department of National Security.

US suspicions about Iranian interference in the 2020 presidential election arose in October last year.

Two weeks before the election, then-President Donald Trump’s administration senior intelligence officials alleged that Russia and Iran were trying to interfere in the election, and gained access to some US voter registration data.

In the same context, the US Treasury said today, Thursday, that it has imposed sanctions on 6 Iranian individuals and one Iranian entity, due to their attempt to influence the presidential elections.

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