During the Duhok Forum, Zebari shocks Al-Hakim by disagreeing with the results of the Iraqi elections

The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, former Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, gave a shocking response regarding the election results to Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Wisdom Movement, during the Middle East Peace and Security Forum, which was held in the city of Dohuk in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Looking at the wise man sitting in front of him, Zebari said, “I listened with interest to the opinions and assessments of His Eminence, which we may not agree with completely, but we respect.”

Zebari added that “the elections took place by Iraqi consensus, and no one can say that he did not support these elections, and the political leaders are the ones who established the election law and demanded it, and we were among the opponents of this law, and they demanded a new electoral commission, judges and electronic voting, while Britain is in it.” Manual voting.

Zebari indicated that the election result may not satisfy everyone, but the elections were sound and clean according to everyone’s testimony.

The head of the Al-Hikma Movement, Ammar Al-Hakim, had launched an initiative during his speech at the Dohuk Forum, saying that it is “a national, political and expanded initiative that brings together all the winning forces at the level of seats or votes, at the level of those accepting or objecting to the results, and at the level of large forces or emerging youth and independent forces, to develop a formula of understanding It leads to rebalancing the political process through a comprehensive national agreement, adopted by everyone, with clear and practical mechanisms, points and timings.

Zebari’s comment on Al-Hakim’s initiative sparked wide Iraqi reactions on social media platforms, while Iraqi reactions varied over the initiative aimed at a political settlement of the results of the parliamentary elections.

Academic and researcher Alaa Mustafa, through his Twitter account, said, “Hoshyar Zebari says: Even Britain adopts manual counting and sorting in its elections…even though they are English people who teach people to walk with justice.”

Mustafa added, “Our group scoured the electronic count of the elections, while the municipal departments do not trust the electronic images and demand the citizen to make paper copies of the four references,” wondering: “What is the problem with politicians, if (or) the municipality?”

Commenting on Al-Hakim’s initiative, the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Arafat Karam, said on his Twitter account: “If you ask about our position on Al-Hakim’s initiative, we will study it and clarify our position on it, and it is an initial initiative subject to change.”

A member of the General Authority of the Wisdom Movement, Ihsan al-Kinani, wrote on his Twitter account, “The Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite forces are well aware – in light of the outcomes of the early elections and the crisis they left behind – that one of the two wings of the Shiite component cannot be outside the government.”

Al-Kinani explained that “the two parties have armed groups, and they will not hesitate to take them to the street, and accordingly, it is possible that Al-Hakim’s initiative will be a way out of the crisis.”

The writer and journalist, Ali Al-Baydar, said on his Twitter account: “The initiative of Mr. Ammar Al-Hakim represents a political joke and a maneuver, through which the losers are intended to win, and to share power by striking the will of the people and the winning political blocs seeking reform.”

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