iPhone 12 and 13: Apple makes it easier to repair yourself with original parts

In recent years, Apple has rightly been criticized for the fact that with the trend towards miniaturization, its devices have lost their ability to be easily repaired and upgraded. If you could replace the hard drive and increase the RAM in a MacBook Pro from 2012 without a doctorate in engineering, such an intervention is currently quite difficult or even impossible.

Apple is just short of criticism two years be Independent repair shop program opposite. The small third-party service providers were able to gain access to original parts, tools and repair instructions without buying expensive equipment or being a certified Apple service provider. Now the manufacturer is going one step further and also making it possible for end users Self-repair of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

If you want to repair your iPhone yourself, you can download instructions from Apple. You can then order the necessary spare parts and tools in Apple’s special online shop. The discarded batteries, displays or cameras can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling, for which Apple still gives a credit.

The self-repair service starts with many restrictions: At first, users will only be able to repair iPhone 12 and 13, over time the M1 Macs will be added. The program will start in the USA in early 2022 and will gradually be expanded to other countries in the course of 2022. In the beginning, Apple limited iPhone repairs to the battery, screen and camera, the manufacturer promises to support repairs of other components over time. How such a repair will affect Apple’s warranty is not yet known. (Macwelt)

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