Sunday, November 28

“Maischberger”: Something sticks to Söder

Armin Laschet has aroused great expectations, but what is good for him is that, for once, he does not have to meet them himself on Wednesday evening. That sticks to Markus Söder.

Laschet was recently a guest with Sandra Maischberger on ARD, the conversation between the two developed in such a way that one wondered whether the presenter would bill the Konrad-Adenauer-Haus for this therapy hour. Söder was not there, but still the focus. The CDU boss Laschet allowed his campaign frustration over the CSU boss Söder for the first time for half an hour to run: the failure of his candidacy for chancellor had something to do with “influences”, he explained, and he made it very clear that he was the most damaging of all influences for Bavarian held. “Markus, leave it” – that was his pleading and unheard-of request after every cross shot from the south.

And now Söder is at Maischberger’s guest, you could say the second leg, 1. FC Nürnberg against Alemannia Aachen, and if you take into account that Söder is not exactly a self-control monster, you can look forward to the best television entertainment without Thomas Gottschalk. But before coming to terms with interpersonal dramas, Maischberger put the serious analysis of the pandemic situation in place, which is ushered in with the fade-in of a factually and graphically terrifying incidence map of the Free State of Bavaria. What follows can be imagined as a public prosecutor’s questioning of the prime minister, who is seriously suspected of being committed. The defendant benefits from the fact that he is not actually sitting next to Maischberger. In the pandemic, Söder prefers to travel comfortably via video switch.

For a long time it is about who warned early (Lauterbach, Drosten) and who acted late (Söder, Spahn), a possibly necessary but also absolutely not effective interview ritual of the corona years. Maischberger asks Söder, among other things, how, in view of wave four, he could have come up with the idea of ​​opening clubs and discos in October. One can ask. But you can also understand Söder’s inner simmer, because until a few weeks ago he was always asked on such occasions how he got the idea of ​​being the only one to keep clubs and discos closed until October. At about this point you notice that the towers of the Frauenkirche in Munich look like giant booster syringes on Söder’s screen background.

“I have to hook up” – “I’d love to”

With all reserves (“I have to hook up” – “I would love to”) Maischberger succeeds at least indirectly in convincing Söder to admit that not everything went absolutely perfectly in Bavaria either. Rigid shock in German living rooms! So Söder can of course not let the Corona part of the conversation end. “There is a moral obligation to vaccinate,” he says, and the studio audience applauds as if it were March 2020 again. Maischberger is now steering the conversation smoothly into the summer of 2021, and it cannot be completely ruled out that a very specific fee payer is on the Couch in Aachen-Burtscheid now puts on the helmet.

Einplayer, the ultimate chart show of the greatest political TV moments, ranked 134th. Laschet says he didn’t just call Söder once and said: “Markus, leave it.” Why didn’t he just leave his meanness behind, Maischberger wants to know from Söder. First of all, he affectionately asserts that he hadn’t seen the apparently nasty show at all. In addition, he is “of the firm conviction that one tells relatively little from confidential phone calls”. But of course “everyone can do it as he wants”. In any case, he just wanted to look ahead now. “No,” calls Maischberger. You have to ask again about his mistakes in dealing with Armin Laschet. “Very much,” says Söder. You can easily imagine this man at the dentist: “We have to tear 33 to 38 in the lower jaw.” – “Very much.”

Söder then admits that one “couldn’t create harmony” in the Union, but before the thought slips into self-criticism, he says: “It could have been different if the procedure had been different” – he means the internal candidate selection. Maischberger bravely inquires whether it is the same with him as it is with Franz Beckenbauer: the perfect infallibility? No, no, says Söder in anticipation of the little saying that he is allowed to say right away: “The emperor is the emperor, and I am only Markus.” He, Markus, makes mistakes “all day long”. He just doesn’t like to admit it, and that might connect him with Armin Laschet again.

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