They trained on buffalo teeth.. The journey of Damanhour medical students between the university and the courtyards

Cairo – Over the past three days, Egyptian and Arab media, as well as communication sites, have been buzzing with talk about the closure of a dental college that trains its students on buffalo teeth, before it became clear that the story dates back to its beginning years ago, although the curtain did not fall on it completely until this week, as it became clear to the Al-Jazeera correspondent. net.

After about 6 years of uncertainty experienced by graduates of dental faculties in 4 Egyptian universities about the period of their studies and the consequences of their professional future, the Supreme Administrative Court came to decide the validity of the ruling issued since 2015 to close the Faculty of Dentistry at Damanhour University and allow students who joined it in 2013 and 2014 to complete their studies at other universities.

The story began in 2013, when Damanhour University apparently rushed to establish a college of dentistry, and the students who joined it that year and the following year were surprised that the college lacked many facilities, facilities and equipment, as well as a significant shortage of faculty, which reduces the the value of the educational service you provide; It was only from them that they began a journey of complaint and protest, which began with the president of the university and then the Supreme Council of Universities, but no one moved.

The student escalation continued with vigils that were also ignored in light of the continuing level of educational service provided, which prompted them to resort to the judiciary to file a university complaint before the Administrative Court in Alexandria, demanding the provision of a modern building “immediately” with all the required laboratories, equipment, models and laboratories, or transferring them to colleges. A debate in the universities closest to the residence of each student.


According to the testimonies of a number of students before the court, they received some practical lectures inside the barns of the College of Veterinary Medicine of the same university, and even trained on the teeth of buffaloes and cows, instead of studying and training on human structures in well-equipped laboratories, as happens in other colleges.

Indeed, the Administrative Judicial Court responded to the students and issued a preliminary ruling in 2015 obligating the Supreme Council of Universities to distribute the first and second year students of the Faculty of Dentistry at Damanhour University (their number are 320 students) to different universities, according to the requirements of geographical distribution and quickly.

The judicial ruling stipulated that “the distribution of students to universities according to the rules of geographical distribution should be considered as a single and fair objective criterion that prevents the administration’s excess in distributing these students to different universities, by distributing each student to the university closest to their place of residence, which is the universities of Alexandria, Tanta and Kafr El-Sheikh. And Mansoura, and obligating the four mentioned universities to grant these students intensive theoretical and practical study programs to compensate them for the curricula they missed, without prejudice to the legal positions these students acquired by passing the exams prior to the issuance of the judgment.

The court said in the rationale for the ruling, “The law has obligated the system responsible for education – starting with the Minister of Higher Education, members of the Supreme Council of Universities, members of the University Council and the Committee on Equipment and Laboratories – to provide the college with all the necessary equipment, laboratories and materials annually before drawing up the draft budget.”

He continued, “But all of these have abandoned their constitutional and patriotic duty and committed a sin against these students, by transforming the College of Dentistry from a practical college into a theoretical college empty on its thrones of laboratories and equipment, and this is an educational disaster, because without these equipment, the study of dentistry is and nothing.” whether”.

The court condemned the Minister of Higher Education, as it considered that he had infringed the jurisdiction of the Coordination Office and transferred the students to dentistry in Damanhour under the pretext of social pressure, “he knows that the building designated for them – it was just housing for female students of the Faculty of Arts – is completely devoid of laboratories and equipment, and by his conduct this exceeded limits his responsibilities and tampers with the future of students.

But, what brought the matter up again?

What happened was that the administrative judiciary ruling in 2015 enabled students to enroll in other colleges, but they needed the Supreme Administrative Court to approve the ruling and confirm that there was no appeal by the university against the ruling issued in their favour, which means that it became a final and final ruling, which is what happened By the court 3 days ago, specifically on November 14, when students at the Faculty of Dentistry, Damanhour University, obtained a certificate from the court in this regard, which means that they are recognized as dentists, knowing that they graduated over the last three years.

Meanwhile, the editor-in-chief of Al-Watan newspaper, journalist Mohamed Al-Barghouti, revealed that dental students in Damanhour, during their crisis with the university, were subjected to many bargains, in order to stop the protest and withdraw the lawsuit.

and in article His title was “Where are the Heroes of the Buffalo Dental Case”, Al-Barghouti said that university officials promised the students that they would be lenient with them in all subsequent exams, stressing that when the carrot-and-stick attempt failed, the students were threatened with expulsion from the university.

According to Al-Barghouti, the students obtained a copy of an official document requesting the university president to approve an amount of 600 million pounds to equip a building for the Faculty of Dentistry, and he admits during the speech that he had to accept students in the past two years in order to ease the burden on the coordination office, although there is no A building for the college, and the absence of any equipment or laboratories for teaching oral and dental medicine.

Despite the joy of the judicial ruling, Al-Barghouti finds it an incomplete joy that the perpetrator remained at large, and added, “An important part of the judicial ruling was completely overlooked and its implementation was disrupted. The ruling demanded that legal measures be taken with the President of Damanhour University and the Dean of Damanhour Dentistry during 2015”.

Despite the passage of 6 years and several months, neither of them was punished or held accountable. “Perhaps they have moved now, after reaching retirement age, to other places in private or international universities, to continue training students of the medical group faculties on buffalo, cows and goats instead of humans.”

Hidden war and distortion of achievements

That arduous path that students of the Faculty of Dentistry have traveled over the years, and the media attention it included, may not mean the President of Damanhour University, Dr. Obeid Saleh, but a past whose traces have become a kind of hidden war.

“The Seventh Day” newspaper reported statements by the university’s president in which he sees that there is an unjustified attack and a hidden war against the institutions of Damanhour University by renewing “old facts.” the local community,” he said.

Saleh added that the university’s dental college buildings project is being completed on an area of ​​1,600 square meters and will be opened after 6 months, explaining that the new construction includes a number of terraces, laboratories, and a unit of maxillofacial surgery.

Two days ago, the state newspaper Al-Ahram published a video clip of the President of Damanhour University during his inspection of the new facilities at the Faculty of Dentistry, which is scheduled to be ready to receive students during the next academic year 2022-2023.

black comedy

Of course, social networking sites were full of posts mocking the news of the Faculty of Dentistry, Damanhour University, especially those related to training students on the teeth of buffalo and cows instead of human skeletons.

Despite the comic comments, they carried in their entirety a kind of black comedy.

Source : Egyptian media + The island + Social Media

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