Saturday, November 27

Afghanistan.. German and Dutch diplomats hold their first talks with the Taliban in Kabul since it took power

Officials in Kabul met on Thursday with high-ranking diplomats from Germany and the Netherlands, for the first time since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan three months ago, and discussions focused on the security file and the aid that the Afghan people need.

The German Foreign Ministry said that the German special envoy to Afghanistan, Jasper Weck, and the German ambassador-designate to Afghanistan Markus Potzel held talks with the Taliban government in the Afghan capital yesterday.

The ministry added that the talks focused on areas “in which practical cooperation is necessary and possible”, specifically with regard to the humanitarian situation of the Afghan people.

She explained that the Taliban government pledged during its talks with German diplomats to ensure safe and unhindered access for humanitarian workers – including female aid workers – to communities and people who need help.

The German Foreign Ministry also stated that the German delegation thanked Qatar for its support during the visit, as it helped in the evacuations from Kabul in mid-August, amid the rapid progress of the Taliban.

Afghan sources said that Abdul Ghani Barader and Abdul Salam Hanafi – the two deputy acting prime ministers in the interim Afghan government – met yesterday in Kabul, the envoys of Germany and the Netherlands to Afghanistan.

During the meeting, Barader asked to lift the reservation on the reserves of the Afghan National Bank, which was frozen as soon as the Taliban took power, stressing that the seized funds are the right of the Afghan people, and called on the international community to help his country.

For his part, the German envoy praised the Afghan government’s security measures to secure the protection of diplomatic institutions and headquarters, noting that his country announced the allocation of 600 million euros in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

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