It set the conditions for the normalization of relations and called for the demarcation of the border.. Azerbaijan calls on Armenia to be rational and assures that it will respond to any threat

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister Jehun Bayramov called on Armenian politicians to be prudent, and warned that his country would respond if Armenia behaves in violation of international law. This warning comes after the fiercest clashes between the two countries since the end of the last war between them late last year.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Peramov said, “If Armenia does not act in accordance with international law or if we feel that it is taking any step that could pose a threat to Azerbaijan, we will respond appropriately immediately.”

The Azerbaijani minister denounced what he described as the recent Armenian attacks, and spoke of hostile statements in which Armenia claims its right to Azerbaijani lands, describing this as a very serious matter.

Peramov stated that his country, after liberating its lands from what he described as occupation and extending its control over its borders, is ready to negotiate with Armenia about normalizing relations, but he referred to conditions, the most important of which is observing the principle of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty over its lands in accordance with international law, and a commitment to implement the terms of the tripartite statement signed by Baku. Yerevan and Moscow on November 10, 2020, after the 44-day war, which ended with Azerbaijan regaining most of the lands that were under Armenia in and around Nagorno-Karabakh.

In this context, the Azerbaijani minister said that the time has come to form a joint commission with Armenia to demarcate borders within the framework of international law.

Azerbaijani soldiers during a military parade marking the first anniversary of the end of the war in Nagorno-Karabakh (Reuters)

Armenian losses

On the other hand, the Russian Interfax news agency quoted today, Friday, the Armenian Defense Ministry that 6 of its soldiers were killed in the clashes that took place on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan last Tuesday.

The ministry had announced earlier the capture of 12 Armenian soldiers and the loss of others, while the Armenian parliament acknowledged the killing of 15 soldiers in the recent confrontations with Azerbaijan.

Armenia also acknowledged the loss of two military positions in these battles, in which the two sides exchanged accusations about the culprit.

After mediation by Russia, the confrontations between the Azerbaijani and Armenian forces stopped, but Baku later accused Yerevan of violating the calm.

For its part, Azerbaijan acknowledged the day before yesterday, Wednesday, the killing of 7 of its soldiers and the wounding of 10 others in the confrontations with the Armenian side.

These confrontations were described as the most violent since the last war, in which about 6,500 people were killed between soldiers and civilians on both sides, during which Armenia suffered a military defeat.

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