Saturday, November 27

Maybrit Illner on the pandemic: “You have completely failed”

The topic at Maybrit Illner is: “Why is November so much grayer than October?” – wait a minute, that’s not the show at all, that’s still the upstream weather report with Katja Horneffer. Ultimately, of course, it doesn’t matter, because Katja Horneffer says about the weather, which you will hear again about Corona: “And tomorrow it will be another gloomy day for many … from Sunday it will be even colder!”

So the topic at Maybrit Illner is actually: “Politics back on the alert – is the lockdown coming for the unvaccinated?” It is clear from the outset that tonight will be a dreary one for many again. Because in Germany there is still much more talk than vaccination. At the beginning Illner refers to the current resolutions of the Prime Minister’s Conference and ends as follows: “You ask yourself: Is this finally something like a plan?” Anyone who can no longer take the following speeches quite so well will find their lawyer strangely in Frank Ulrich Montgomery, the chairman of the board of the World Medical Association.

Markus Söder recently addressed Montgomery repeatedly as “Mr. President” at Anne Will’s astonishingly doggy style. Conversely, Montgomery now pays no tribute to the political staff. “You have failed completely,” he called out to the executive minister of the Chancellery, Helge Braun (CDU), and Katrin Göring-Eckardt, chairman of the Green Alliance. And further: “You now owe the citizens the respect to act … Where is the logistics, where is the concept, where is the structure? … You have to act plain and simple … you have to go ahead and not always ask how the polls are. “

Also Giovanni di Lorenzo, editor-in-chief of the weekly newspaper The time, says that there is “a great lack of determination” in the political control of the pandemic in Germany – this is one of the reasons why the trust of a not inconsiderable part of the population in the state has been damaged. In the pandemic, “persistent prejudices” about this country have been refuted so far. German efficiency, that sounds like a contradictio in adjecto in the Corona context.

The fundamental criticism has little effect

What can make a spectator on this evening especially cloudy in November: Even fundamental criticism such as that of Montgomery or di Lorenzo does not have much effect. Braun and Göring-Eckardt sit there in a calm that is difficult to bring together with the poor performance that many political leaders have shown for a long time.

You can find it better-knowing in the sense of ätschi-bätschi that Maybrit Illner is doing a kind of hard work investigating who told which all-clear nonsense in the summer and even afterwards – and who, like Jens Spahn, even promised Corona is basically over. But what is more irritating is the perplexity and routine with which Braun and Göring-Eckardt in particular somehow answer every question away.

But this may also be due to the fact that in this fourth wave no one can stand it when politically responsible people ruminate on the same arguments and sentences. You know the declarations of intent, that blame game, the completely dull images like that of the “summer tires” (= inactivity) with which one now drives into the winter (= fourth wave). Nevertheless, the epidemic talk show situation of national scope is likely to be extended. Next Thursday again with Maybrit Illner, “same place, same wave”, as the moderator says. The wave here probably still refers to the station, but it is not so certain.

What Illner no longer says at the end of her broadcasts, one should at least think in the coming months: “Stay cheerful, somehow!”

Maybrit Illner on the pandemic: Cornelius Pollmer loves Helmut Dietl's film "Late Show", especially its last scene.  In a talk show hosted by Thomas Gottschalk, the group goes through German television.  The best thing about it is for him "Animal films anyway", stated a guest - and Veronica Ferres, sitting opposite, seconded, "they are so human!"

Cornelius Pollmer loves Helmut Dietl’s film “Late Show”, especially its last scene. In a talk show hosted by Thomas Gottschalk, the group goes through German television. For him, the best thing about it are “animal films anyway”, stated one guest – and Veronica Ferres, sitting opposite, confirms, “They are so human!”

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