Most of them are Lebanese.. Passengers who took advantage of the stopover of their plane in Barcelona and sought asylum in Spain

The Spanish newspaper, El Nacional, published in Catalonia, said that about 40 passengers on a flight from Egypt are currently at Barcelona International Airport after refusing to continue their journey to Latin America.

The newspaper added on its website that most of them are of Lebanese nationality, and it is likely that they are of Palestinian origin, explaining that the plane was heading to Bogota in Colombia and Quito in Ecuador.

And she added that they refused to continue traveling after their plane stopped for a short time last Monday, justifying this by their need to request political asylum, noting that they have since been detained in a special area for asylum seekers at El Prat airport.

The National newspaper indicated that the plane then continued its journey to its final destination, Colombia.

Mallorca police arrest two young Moroccans who fled Palma de Mallorca airport (European News Agency)


For its part, Agence France-Presse quoted a source in Catalonia as saying that the disembarkation of these passengers from the plane in Barcelona was expected, and that this incident had nothing to do with what happened recently at Palma de Mallorca airport when Moroccan travelers fled after their plane made an emergency stop at the airport.

On the fifth of this month, Palma de Mallorca police arrested 16 people who escaped from a plane that made an emergency landing at the city’s airport, and is still looking for 8 others.

The police said at the time that the plane, which was on a flight between Casablanca and Istanbul, was allowed to make an emergency landing in Palma de Mallorca after receiving a report that one of its passengers was feeling ill.

According to Spanish officials, the plane was allowed to land at the airport after reporting that a Moroccan passenger was seriously ill.

Source : island + french + Spanish press

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