Sunday, November 28

Review of “Tatort” with Ulrich Tukur as Felix Murot

Sunday crime cases with Felix Murot (Ulrich Tukur) are the exotic ones Crime scenes, delicious like ordered food from the planet Jupiter. Murot has a permanently turbulent relationship to reality, for example he encounters a doppelganger or is stuck in a time warp, and this time too, fate aims with many refreshing special effects and fast-paced rear and intermediate fades – precisely at Murot. The current case (written by Martin Rauhaus and staged by Rainer Kaufmann) is once again for him personally, it just doesn’t go under.

In “Murot and the Principle of Hope” three people are murdered, but only one is important to the story. Because Jochen Muthesius died homeless under the bridge, but was once “the star among the students at the Frankfurt School”. Career-wise bitter, but above all: Professor Muthesius was Murot’s philosophy teacher (Ernst Bloch: “The principle of hope”!) And his father’s friend. Murot also knows the Muthesius children, who are very strange in different ways.

Not just rich: The son was shot by the father, the mother jumped from the roof

It’s logical that the usual rich people typical of the crime scene don’t just come together in the villa in the Taunus after the father’s funeral. The son was shot by the father once, the mother later jumped off the roof, the older daughter (enigmatic and great: Karoline Eichhorn), as a psychologist, brings a few key stimuli for the audience with therapy experience to this academic drama by means of a family constellation. As Muthesius junior, Lars Eidinger is once again divinely playing his soul out of kohl-rimmed eyes – his last crime scene it wasn’t two months ago. The star guest in the ensemble is Angela Winkler as the professor’s widow from next door. Of course, it’s all very, very great, witty, exquisite, pure enjoyment.

So, now to the praise of Mrs. Wächter. If you don’t know who is meant: the inconspicuous investigator at the side of Felix “Das Schicksal” Murot. Magda Wächter (Barbara Philipp) finished school with secondary school leaving certificate, wears a knee-length skirt, and has her hair pinned up. Paul Muthesius, Eidinger, sniffs her like an exotic tart. It is the salvation in the case of the philosopher’s crazy children, who, let’s be honest, of course also include Murot, somehow. Ms. Wächter just shoots extremely well.

The first, Sunday, 8.15 p.m.

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