The first incident of its kind… Why is Britain racing against time to retrieve the wreckage of the F-35 from the sea?

The crash of the F-35 has sparked a new debate about the safety of this plane, despite the British Ministry of Defense confirming that it is still investigating to see if the fall was due to a technical or human reason, and Britain is racing against time to rescue the plane from the sea for fear of the arrival of other countries and revealing its secrets.

London – In an incident that is the first of its kind in the world, the British army announced the downing of the F-35 fighter, which is the world’s newest, most expensive and most advanced military aircraft in terms of technology.

The British army was satisfied with announcing the crash of the aircraft participating in military operations on board the aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth” near the Egyptian coast, and the survival of its pilot, without providing more details about the causes of the crash.

This is the first time that the F-35 plane, which many countries in the world are racing to obtain, has been shot down, and what has increased the sensitivity of the incident is the British army’s entry into a race against time to retrieve the plane from the water, before other countries reach it and reveal the technologies used. In which.

Race with Russia

In a secret and complex military operation, the British Navy is working day and night in order to find the wreckage of the plane for fear that other countries will reach it, especially Russia. In the British and American Air Force.

As for the British newspaper, “The Daily Telegraph”, it revealed that the capabilities available to the British army may not be enough to withdraw the plane, and for this the US army was called in to provide assistance to its British counterpart in reaching the plane, which has radar devices that can be monitored from a mile away. under the sea.

According to the same source, this sensitive and delicate operation is expected to include remote-controlled military vehicles in deep water that will attach huge inflatable bags to the plane so that it rises to the surface.

Precious treasure in the sea

According to the statements of a number of British military sources to British media, the process of withdrawing the plane is not complicated, but locating it deep in the water is difficult, given the speed at which the plane was flying, it is difficult to determine its exact location, and it takes time before finding it.

But time is not on the British side, as this plane is a precious treasure buried in the depths of the seas due to its high technologies, its ability to hide and gather intelligence information, and its availability on radar and sensors that allow it to reach supersonic speed without being detected by any radar or defense system. Explains its high cost of 120 million dollars.

rare coin

The F-35 is a rare currency in the Air Force, and despite the efforts of many countries to acquire it, and the announcement by Lockheed Martin, which manufactures the aircraft, that it plans to sell 3,000 of them, few countries have succeeded in concluding contracts to obtain them. 14, including Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Japan and North Korea.

The United States has 500 F-35 aircraft, followed by the British Royal Air Force, which has 24 aircraft, and the number is expected to reach 48 by 2025, to rise to 138 aircraft over the next ten years, and the United Kingdom contributes to the manufacture of 15%. Who cut this plane?

sky monster

The F-35 is considered the most advanced aircraft currently flying in the sky, and it is called the “fifth generation” of aircraft, because of its unprecedented advantages, as it is equipped with “air-to-air” missiles and guided bombs, with a maximum speed of two thousand kilometers per hour The watch has technology that makes it move invisibly in the sky and is able to penetrate all defense systems.

Advanced technology helps it escape from anti-aircraft thermal missiles, in addition to 6 cameras that give the pilot a 360-degree view.

And the matter does not stop at its combat capabilities, but this plane is considered a “flying spy”, for the ability of its sensors to collect all the information that passes on it, and at the same time pass it on to other aircraft or defense systems, which gives entire squadrons a more advanced level of knowledge of the conditions Fighting and anticipating any move by the enemy.

Safety doubts

The crash of the F-35 has sparked a new debate about the safety of this plane, despite the British Ministry of Defense confirming that it is still investigating whether the fall was due to a technical or human reason, adding that the United Kingdom’s squadron of these planes, accompanied by planes belonging to the US army, carried out more than Two thousand sorties without any incident recorded.

However, a previous investigation by the British newspaper “The Times” revealed that this plane has some weaknesses, including the inability to transfer data from it to old-style planes without revealing its location to the enemy, and according to the same source, it is very difficult to The plane takes off completely safely, in addition to the fear that the electronic system of the plane will be subjected to electronic attacks.

The newspaper’s investigations also revealed that the plane could only travel at full speed for 150 miles, before it had to refuel.

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